Shell Out Seafood Restaurant @ Dataran Sunway Damansara

Being someone who was born in Sabah explained well why I love seafood, fresh seafood to be exact. :p Well, you can find nothing but seafood in Shell Out Seafood Restaurant! Oh, with an interesting concept too. :p

My thoughts before reaching the place? Are we going to have steamboat or BBQ seafood session? *lol* It turned out to be something different, as in really different. Though I have to say I love the simplicity of the interior design and most importantly, it is cosy enough for us to enjoy chilling while enjoying our dinner. 

As mentioned earlier, it is really different from other places as there will be no plates-no spoon-no fork prepared for all the diners. They covered the whole table with brown paper and that's will be your plate while your hands will be your fork and spoon! 

Caroline & SooYin
Interesting huh? Just make sure you clean both your hands before start eating! Don't worry about getting dirty on your shirts as they also prepared plastic apron for diners! :D 

Fresh Coconut - RM6.60
We've ordered the fresh coconut water each for ourselves. It was sweet and refreshing, similarly to the ones we've had at Bangkok. 

Fried Cajun Fries
Fried Fish Basket - RM10.90

If you LIKE IT FRIED, you can order the Fried Fish Basket and it also served with the Fried Cajun Fries. We loved it so much! 

If you're wondering, there's no huge plate to serve the seafood dishes too! Look at this, all of them will be in this plastic and what they did was tear it off for us to eat all of them! To order, you have to choose the selection of seafood -> select your preferred sensation ->  choose your preferred spice level (mild/medium/OMG) -> additional add-ons. Now, let's check out what have tried on that night:-

Scallop in 1/2 shell
Scallop in 1/2 shell with Butter Garlic sensation (mild) - The scallops were all fresh and well marinated with butter garlic paste, tasted really great and quite addictive. 

Price: RM17.90/250g | RM35.90/500g

Clam (LALA)
Clam (LALA) in Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) - Fresh clams well marinated in lemon pepper paste, tasted really flavourful especially after squeezed in the lemon juices on it. It has mild peppery taste too. 

Price: RM15.90/500g | RM29.90/1kg

King Prawn
King Prawn in Butter Garlic sensation (mild) - All of the sizeable water prawns were well marinated in butter garlic paste, fragrant and flavourful just the way we love it. 

Price: RM28.90/300g | RM39.90/500g | RM75.90/1kg

Crawfish (YABBIES)
Crawfish (YABBIES) in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (OMG) - Similarly to the water prawns with additional hint of sweetness, the crawfishes also well marinated in the different mixture of paste at the most spicy level, served together with the additional add-ons like corn on the cob and jumbo sausages. It tasted quite special, rather flavourful compare to others turned out to be the crowds' most favourite one. <3 Surprisingly not as spicy as they have expected.

Price: RM45.90/500g | RM78.90/1kg

Look at that!
Japanese Snails in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) - The relatively huge Japanese snails in three different pastes tasted delicious too! Perhaps, it will be better to not to look how it look like inside but just eat it right away to enjoy the goodness of it. :p 

Crab in Cajun Sensation + Butter Garlic + Lemon Pepper sensation (mild) - Again, the crabs were well marinated in three different pastes, tasted really delicious and flavourful. We also love the sweetness of the crab meat and wish for more! The crab are seasonal though, do make sure you order it if it is available! 

Price: Market Price 

Look at how the table look like while you enjoying all the yummylicious seafood dishes! Messy huh? Now you know how great the idea for not using plate, fork and spoon! Trust, this kind of session totally perfect to be paired with the beers, if you know what I mean. :p

Diners get to leave their "footprints" by drawing on their walls with anything that you would love to write. Eric drew both of our comic characters, cute or not? :p

**Pork Free

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant
16-1, Jalan PJU 5/15,
Dataran Sunway Damansara,
47810 Sungai Buloh
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu (11:30am~2:30pm) (6pm~10pm) | Fri (11:30am~2:30pm) (5pm~11pm) | Sat (5pm~11pm) | Sun (6pm~10pm)
Tel No: +603 - 7497 1137
Facebook: Shell Out

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