Flower Power (MIVVA)

Flower Power by Girls' Generation

I was busy with my work and poslaju van arrived with the nonstop honking, I was reluctant to get up because I know there will be no parcel for me till after Raya holiday. The maid went out and came in again asked me to go sign as it is for me. What a surprise! It was from MIVVA beauty box!

Upon unboxing it, the huge leaflet stated "FLOWER POWER" immediately remind me of the song Flower Power by Girls' Generation. How silly? Forgive me as I'm working in this industry, can't help it. :p The hint of floral scent was so pleasant and I just can't wait to see what are the products featured month! 

The August edition of MIVVA beauty box bringing us to a floral journey where rose scents, girly soft curls, flushes of rosy cheeks under the sun and everything that makes you blossom and shine through. So, here's what I did earlier. 

Perfumed Drawer Sachet
Yours truly begin the floral journey by hang this on the wardrobe handle, the whole room filled with the sweet pleasant floral scent. It works really great as a sachet freshener and I know I can work or sleep more comfortable with this scent in the room. :p

Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner
The room is already filled with floral scent, I then proceed with pampering my hair with Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner. The high purity Tsubaki oil EX + penetrating repair ingredients (also known as Tsubaki Amino) intensively nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Tsubaki Amino penetrates deeply and repair damaged cell membrane complex, retain the moisture deep within, enhances elasticity and unlock hair natural shine and smoothness. I like how soft my hair turned to after the shampoo and conditioned, but I am not sure if it work magically at first time use in term of repair my damaged hairs. I've started using Tsubaki hair mask and it has been good for my hair, hope to see good result by using them altogether. 

Full Size Item: RM16.90 for 220ml | RM33.90 for 550ml

Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack
Next, I shall proceed to pamper my face. Cleansing is always important and it stated that this Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack inclusive of Bio'tox Cleanser and Refining Cream 2 can help me to achieve clearer and acne free skin within 3 days! How true is that?! Well, the Bio'tox Cleanser helps to unclog pores while moisturising your skin while regular usage of the Refining Cream 2 will encourage your skin's natural defences to resist blackheads, reduce redness and irritation while restoring your youthful radiant. I am going to try this out for and see if there's any difference after 3 days! 

Full Size Item: Bio'tox Cleanser (RM120 for 50ml) & Refining Cream 2 (RM165 for 30ml)

SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set
You can use this travel-friendly Damascus Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set to soothe and calm your skin. Don't worry as this set covers your basic skincare regime for it includes Rose Essential Dual Action Cleansing Gel (3ml), Rose Essential Hydrating Toner (3ml) and Rose Luxury Essence (3ml). This seems perfect for whoever having dry skin. 

Full Size Item: RM237 for 3 items: Cleansing Gel (RM79) + Toner (RM59) + Essence (RM99)

I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops
I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops
Do not neglect your eyes as they need some love too! For all contact lens wearers, this unique formulation of I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops will gives you long lasting comfort and ocular surface management. 

Full Size Item: (WM) RM18.80 for 10ml | (EM) RM19.80 for 10ml

Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive
Non-greasy texture
Our body need some nourishment too! I love the orange blossom scent from this lotion and the non greasy texture is really more to love! A rich, indulgent hand & body lotion blended with moisturising olive oil , plus natural extracts of orange blossom and honey, known for their skin soothing properties. Just apply it all over the body and of course your hand, to leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished. 

Full Size Item: RM69 for 250ml

F Cup Cookies
If you haven't heard of this product yet, it is an innovative product from Japan, the F.CUP brand offers natural breast enhancement solutions with essential amino acids. A hot selling product with over 4.5million boxes in Japan. The concept of F.CUP revolves around maximising beauty with nature and changing to be more beautiful, while still providing tasty products. The brand also ensures the safety development of the products thoroughly through close cooperation with manufacturers. I've heard of this products and some of my friends tried it too with not really visible result. Do not worry, it really tasted just like normal choco cookie if you're wondering how it taste like.

Full Size Item: RM78.90 for 14 sticks

Discount Voucher
Just so you know that it is advisable to consume the F Cup Cookies for at least more than 2 months to achieve certain result. In case I need to buy more, I can use this discount voucher provided to get them at www.tokyoninki.com and of course I can something else too!

Discount Voucher
There's also discount voucher for me to get myself the Worthy Book! I've been hearing tons of great stuff featured in Worthy Book, I guess it's time for me to get one now!

Not only that, I also can get myself the Dermedex's Refining Cream 2 and of course, with some extras when I provide them with the code here. :p

As much as I love the July edition of MIVVA beauty box, I have more love for this month, perhaps the floral did the magic on me! :p Love beauty surprises? Quick log on to www.mivva.com and subscribe for only RM38 per month and MIVVA can turn you to a happy girl every month!

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