Press Conference: CN Blue Samsung Galaxy Blue Moon Tour in Malaysia @ Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Today marked another amazing day for yours truly! I get to meet the boys of CN Blue in person in close distance...again! Yeap, that was after the awesome Golden Disk Awards on last January. What kept me in love with the boys definitely because of them being humorous all the time. :p I've attended the press conference for CN Blue Samsung Galaxy Blue Moon Tour in Malaysia in the afternoon today, not as blogger but representing the company am working with and usually I blog at HERE for every press conferences or kpop concert that I've attended for work. The press conference session was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

There was a slight delay but glad that the emcee of the day managed to kept the members of media entertained. Well, at least we (members of media) have each other company throughout the waiting period and working in this industry, I always excited to meet new friends which also helps me know better in my work. :p

It was really great to see CN Blue again! Upon arriving, the boys greeted us with "Apa khabar? Kami-lah CN Blue" and I thought it was really sweet of them! :p They also introduced themselves individually from left to right - Jung Shin, Jong Hyun, Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk

When they were asked about being the second time in Malaysia, Min Hyuk mentioned that he would like to try Satay! As for the weather, I think it's not really a problem for them to adapt since it's still summer in Korea which is hotter than Malaysia. :p

CN Blue's Jung Shin (guitarist) is the maknae (youngest) and also the tallest (187cm) in the group. When he were asked being someone who modeled famous fashion brand and also walked on fashion runway, if he being bossy of other members about what to wear/what's the trend, he answered with a serious NO. *lol* Well, as far as I know, Yong Hwa was someone who being one of the most stylish among the members. :p 

CN Blue's Min Hyuk is the drummer for the band. He is adorable and kinda shy too! He mentioned that Yong Hwa has been teaching them in song writings and editing the songs together. When he was asked between singing or acting, which is the first love? He shared that since he first joined the band, this has been his priorities over the rest.  Just so you know that, Min Hyuk also acted in few Korean dramas and I just can't wait for this upcoming drama to be released! 

Both Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun have made themselves successful song writers for all the songs that they have composed and written for each album of CN Blue. They are not only can sing but play guitar well too! When they were asked what made CN Blue's songs different than other band, Yong Hwa shared that they actually still not sure what type of songs they have been composing and singing, however one thing for sure, people can easily recognised that song by CN Blue by just listening to it. Well, I am certainly agree on this! 

Yong Hwa also shared that they are not only starting to compose or write new song just for the sake of making a new comeback or new album, but they have been doing it whenever they have the inspirations. And oh! They claimed that their inspirations not based on anything in particular but it came naturally in various way. 

As a token of appreciation for CN Blue, Samsung Malaysia being the main sponsor of the concert presenting the Twin Tower for the boys to bring back to Korea. The boys seems so happy and thats certainly enough for them to remember about Malaysia and fellow BOICEs in Malaysia! 

That's a wrap! All I want to do now is rest myself well and get ready for the concert tomorrow night! Am sure it will be another great fun time with another favorite Kpop band of mine. <3

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