Chee Kei (池記) @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I am so glad that I finally have time to start to blog about my 5D4N Hong Kong + Macau trip on the last April. Well, there's so many pictures to edit and am not sure where to begin with, let's start with our first meal at Hong Kong. We arrived our hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui around noon time and with our tummy growling, we decided to look for food place nearby our hotel area and spotted one of the famous wanton noodle restaurant in Hong Kong - Chee Kei (池记)

As you can see from the menu display, each set comes with your preferred vegetable or dessert. You're also able to add another side dish with additional of HKD9. 

In Hong Kong, Chinese tea will be served to every diner while waiting for their order to come and of course it is free and refillable. Eric ordered himself the HK Style Milk Tea (奶茶) and according to his whole family, it tasted really good. It's really fragrant and you know you can't get this authentic taste back in Malaysia.

We have ordered the Taufu Fah (豆腐花) as one of the side dish. According to Eric's mom, there's nothing to shout about as it tasted quite bland and you can simply find one that can taste better than this in Malaysia. 

The second side dish that we've ordered was the Fried Wanton (炸云吞). It was really crispy and we love how it tasted, with the delicious fillings too! 

Another side dish for the meal was this Fried Minced Dace Fish Balls (炸鲮鱼球)! The special sauce that served really unique and we can't really taste what ingredients have been used for that. I don't like the smell of the special sauce and I actually tried one bite of the fish ball which ended up I dislike how it tasted too! They asked me to dip it and eat, I've tried and it tasted surprisingly good! That's really huge different in taste without the sauce. 


A MUST-TRY in Hong Kong would be none other than the Wanton Noodles in Soup (云吞面)! This is the only food that I really can't wait to try before I go Hong Kong and after had this several days in Hong Kong, I really missed it when am back in Malaysia. The texture really different compare to the ones we have in Malaysia and it's springy the way we love it! No one can resist the flavourful soup and enjoy the shrimp-pork filling wanton, simply delicious!

Eric's dad ordered the Beef Tendon Noodle Soup (牛筋面) and it is basically the same type of noodle with different type of soup served with it. I didn't try this but it seems delicious from how fast he finished it up. :p 

We also ordered the Sampan (Boat) Congee (艇仔粥) to try out what so nice about it in China. With the soft and smooth texture, generous ingredients within it, it's really perfect for comfort food at anytime. It's really nice! 

Chee Kei @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
We were all satisfied with the foods that we have had for our very first meal in Hong Kong. The portion of the food were just nice that we can tell each other that we're FULL. *LOL* Price wise, you can get a set meal from HKD49 onwards per person which might lil pricey I would say. As you can see from photo above, the place wasn't spacious but cosy enough for everyone to dine in. There's no 10% service charge will be charged in your bill too!

Chee Kei @ Tsim Sha Tsui
Ground Floor No.37 Lock Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel. No: +852 - 2368 2528
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (11:00-23:00)

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