Freshlook Colorblends Contact Lenses on!

So, can you see the difference between my left eye and right eye? :p Not so obvious huh? Obviously, am not a usual contact lens wearer and when I'm up for it, I will always go for the natural looking one. My several attempts on color cosmetic lens have been quite nice but whenever I put on color lens like blue-ish, pink-ish, green-ish... I tend to wish to take it off quickly. Yup, doesn't matter whether I was outside or where ever. Perhaps, it due to the unnatural eye colors on me? :(

Freshlook Colorblends brand is not something new to me as I've tried them before and you can read my experience with two different colors of contact lens HERE. When Glasses Online Malaysia offered to give complimentary one pair of contact lens, as much as I would love to try the other brands, I still go for this brand. 

Since I've tried the brown colour previously, I found another colour that look pretty much natural which is the classic Amethyst colour. Just so you know that Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses use an advanced colour technology by blending three colours into one. There are many colours to choose - green, honey, gray, blue, turquoise, amethyst, brown, pure hazel, true sapphire, sterling gray, brilliant blue and gemstone green. 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Material: 45% polymer (phemfilcon)
Water Content: 55%

For someone who do not put on contact lens regularly like me, I didn't find much difficulties on putting on the contact lens onto my eyes. In fact, it was easier and didn't take long. It was really soft and I thought it going to easily slipped off, again I was wrong. I guess it also due to right size of the lens that made it easier to put on too. 

Some camwhoring photos of me while wearing the contact lens. Don't you just love the sparkling effects on your eyes? Here's a tip, if you wish to have a sparkling eyes, you look no further but Freshlook Colorblends range of contact lenses. Most importantly, you need make sure your eyes are comfortable throughout the period of wearing contact lens. Somehow, I didn't feel like I'm wearing contact lens at all. :D

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