Skincare Products For My Sensitive Skin

I used to have a clean and clear skin, not until I reach the age of 22. When my friends starts experiencing pimples everywhere on their faces during high school time, I didn't experience those. And...I kid you not. There's only ONE reason I can think of - cosmetic products. I started to apply BB cream at that time and without knowing that I should use makeup remover to remove all the dirts, I just washed my face with water and yes without any facial cleanser too. Don't ask me why because I've never use any particular facial cleanser before that too.

It doesn't take long for pimples to start popping up on my face but still bearable and people around me telling me that it is related to my hormones especially at my age. Things get worse when I decided to straighten my quite-straight hair at that time. I left my side hair to stick on my face and I bet you know how chemicals would do when in touch with our skin. The next two days, both side of my face totally full with pimples, reddish and it's painful. I couldn't go out with that kind of face condition and the biggest mistake that I've done was apply thick BB cream on it to cover all those pimples! Yup, it's just getting worse and worst! 

I could not leave my hair down for a very very long period and I've started to use skincare products, doing the mask, and kept on trying different skincare products. I'm not sure how much I've spent on skincare products till the day I get to know about Kinerase. 

Before I even get kissed by Kinerase, I've tried Kinerase travel kit sample products which I've won from Tammy's blog last year. That's the only product range that I can get crazy over it after my first and last week of trying out the products. The moment I won the whole range of the Kinerase products at that time, God knows how grateful I was at that time without the need of fork out money to buy all of them.
" Kinerase is the only professional skincare line that contained optimal concentrations of a special ingredient called Kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine), a potent bio growth factor found naturally in human cell extracts and DNA, not only delays the onset of aging, it also helps to prevent the cellular changes associated with aging. 0.1% Kinetin cream is also clinically proven to maintain more moisture with up to 26% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), resulting in healthier, smoother, in other words, simply more beautiful and kiss-able skin.  
With a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dye-free and paraben free formula, Kinerase is suitable for all skin types, even photo-damaged skin and the sensitive skin including rosacea and is perfect for nurturing delicate skin after aesthetic procedures. The Kinerase formulation has a fine and elegant texture, ensuring every use is a pleasurable sensory experience. 
The products upgraded with advanced Japanese formulation expertise designed specially to suit Asian skincare needs allows Asian to enjoy the same Kinetin effect with Kinerase! "
I decided to use the full range product from the beginning of the this year. I went back to my hometown at KK during the Chinese New Year and the first thing my mom said to me when she met me was "What brand of skincare products you using now? DON'T CHANGE anymore. Your face getting much better already" I was really really surprised as I went back during the Christmas and it's less than a month before I back for Chinese New Year.

My honest experience along the journey with Kinerase skincare products... It really works on my sensitive skin condition or should I even say acne prone skin type? Whenever I stopped using it and tried on other product, I felt the tingling effect and the next morning, no surprise with pimple pop out on my face. :( I don't think I can live without it unless there's another great products can treats my acnes. I also noticed less or hardly see pimples popping out on my face during my menstrual period; my face tend to less oily; my face more hydrated. Oh wait, I have to say this -  I have pimple scars all over both side of my face and I was really impressed how it actually smoothen it. They are now less visible and I somehow believe that with the continuously uses of it, it might gone? I'm not sure yet as I've not achieve it yet till now. :p

Here's the sad thing... I'm running out of them. The only Kinerase products I have now are the cleanser and eye cream, I wanted to buy a whole full range again but I am quite indecisive whether to give a try on other skincare products or just stick with it. I started to worry as pimples started to pop up on my face like nobody's business (part of it also because I've been eating peanuts for these 2 weeks >.<).

If you have sensitive skin like me, do give a try on Kinerase products. You may also check out for more info too. :D

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