Learn To Swim In 12 Hours!

It was August last year and it's all started with Chris posted this and I still remember how scared I was at that time. I was kind of in dilemma whether to join and get myself drown for real or just back off. Till today, I was really really glad that I stepped in and gave it a try at that time. 

Huge swimming pool
Learn to swim in 12 hours sounds really TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE especially for a person like me. Why? I have a phobia entering water that up to my chest level, gone through the almost-drown experience haunted me for several years and having total zero foundation on swimming, I just don't think it's going to work on me. Let's see if Swimin12 can make it!

Eric - EJ - Caroline
I remember my very first swimming class was together with Wendy (one of the bloggers that joined the swimming challenge too!) and I managed to convinced Eric (who first not believe the fact that I could float and paddle and swim forward after the first class! :p) to join for the next class as no one could join with me and I didn't want to learn alone by myself. And we also managed to tag Chee Ching joined us too! Trust me, the three of us have ZERO foundation about swimming. 

Doing the stretching!
Unlike other swimming centre, we went to one of the condos in Bandar Utama for our swimming lessons and schedules quite flexible and convenient for us. We always start with stretching our legs in order to avoid leg cramp while swimming in the water later on. I think I was too excited to learn and ended up didn't stretched well, and my leg cramped during my very first class. I learned my lesson and stretched my legs well each time before begin with next classes. :p

I was at my 5th class already by now but let me recap what are the most important things that I've learned during the first class as beginner. That's how roughly I was trained in the beginning. :p
  • We usually breathe in and out through our nose but not when we're under the water. We only can breathe out through our mouth while we still have oxygen and go up before our of oxygen.
  • We can open our mouth when are under the water without breathe in and water will not enter our mouth! (I was quite surprised with this! :p)
  • We are able to sink our body down to the pool floor and sit down by letting out the air in our lungs within few seconds of being in the water.
  • We are able to float our body on the water while facing down the pool by just resting our body. (I tend to get nervous especially when my face have to face down the pool >.<)
  • Once you able to float your body, you can swimmove your body forward by paddling your feet. (Happiest moment when I'm able to do this!)
  • You are able to landing perfectly by pushing down your both hands and bringing your body forward.
  • NEVER EVER get panic and do sudden landing as it will ended up caused water enter your nose or you'll drinking more pool water, you definitely do not wish this to happen on you. :p
How to do the breaststroke?
We started to learn more on breaststroke on our second class and it was really really hard for us to do it especially when we need to come up from the water to catch our breathe before enter the water again. We took quite sometime to learn and understand the techniques and keep polish on it to perfect it. 

Eric trying to do the breaststroke
I tend to get panic (seems like it's really hard for to get over this feeling :'() if I stayed too long under the water and I tend to focus only on certain part of my body while doing the breaststrokes. All in my mind was, if I don't move my legs, I will keep going down (which is actually normal) and somehow I tend to struggle on bringing my body back up. This is so frustrating! :'(

EJ doing the demo
What I'm glad was we have E.J. to teach us throughout the lessons. He has been really patience and correct our technique so that we can achieve it. Believe it or not, he has NEVER touch us throughout the whole lessons and you need not to worry if you're Muslim or afraid of sexual harassment by swimming coaches. :p We also learned about floating! I feel like killing myself that I can't relax whenever my ears are under the water and my body started to sink in. Lol!

Yours truly ;)
Practise makes perfect, that's all we need. I'm proud that I'm able to enter the water and at least swim for a distance, not long but I know I can swim now compare to the previous me. No longer haunted by the water phobia, not fully but hey, I did it. :p All my friends could not believe it and when they asked where to learn swimming in PJ, I will always tell them just go for Swimin12

Check out Swimin12 on Facebook - www.facebook.com/iloveswimin12 or log on to their website at www.swimin12.com! You can also contact the coach directly at 016-3533555, don't worry he don't bite but guaranteed you to be able to swim in 12 hours!
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