Halter Top Bikini by SirenByRosalyn!

For those who have been following my social network profiles updates, you would know that I've received sweet surprise from SirenbyRosalyn! An earthy-looking set of halter top bikini was inside the funky looking box, with a personalised note from the founder, Rosalyn herself. 

At the first sight of this set of bikini, I know I haven't seen this on the site yet and it certainly look something different and rather unique from all the bikinis that I'm having right now. Those bikinis in my wardrobe are all same matching top and bottom, hence the reason I found this is interesting and unique! 

Green halter top is already different to me as it marked the first item in green color in my wardrobe. *lol* How about the bottom? It was so colorful and totally in love with the gold lining on it! This bikini turned out to be my most favorite one of all! 

The bikini surprised arrived 2 days before my family came over to spend the weekend and yours truly get to put it on when we visited Sunway Lagoon! Although I'm skinny like chopstick, it still fitted nicely on me and totally love the comfort-ness of wearing it. Oh, if you're wondering, that's my lil sister Haylie. :D

The bikinis collection by SirenbyRosalyn are all comes in limited pieces and most importantly, they are all UNIQUE! Hop over to www.sirenbyrosalyn.com and you can see the extensive collections of their halter top bikini, tube bikini, monokini and also dresses! The colors are so funky and perfect for your summer holiday, beach/pool party or even better for MUSIC FESTIVALS! Each set of bikini all reasonable price with good quality! Quick and grab your favourite bikini now and be one of a kind! After all, it is summer all year long in Malaysia! :p

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