Instagram Photos in Magnet Forms!

I was still fuming over Poslaju Puchong on their delivery service and when I got another missed delivery note from them, I wasn't pissed off due to this package came together with it. I was too tired with their lousy service and I didn't know the second parcel is from who, I guess I will go collect myself tomorrow then. Back this Monstagram, thanks to Hanie that I get to know this kind of awesome thing and also her discount code that allow me to get this at discounted rate! 

Look! You can turns all your Instagram photos in three different forms - Krinkle Cuts, Coloroids or Magnets. How awesome and cool that can be?! You can them at RM18 for 8pcs or RM36 for 20 pcs. Well, the best part is they offers FREE SHIPPING Internationally! It only took 2 days for it to arrived me. Great service!

Tadaa! Here's the magnets of my instagram photos! Can't wait to bring some back to home at KK and decorate the fridge with these magnets! Go ahead and get yours! ^^

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