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What is IDOtshirt? 

personalized t-shirt website, first of its kind, aimed at fostering creativity and unity amongst young Malaysians. The first collection includes various elements that make up to Malaysia

Now, who doesn't love wearing t-shirt here? T-Shirt can be really versatile depends on how individual wear it or play the mix-and-match outfit game. I have received one complimentary t-shirt from IDOtshirt's first collection featuring the "I LOVE MY" theme. 

This is how it look from the inner top at back of the t-shirt. For the next collection, you'll get to customized your own t-shirt and with the wording "I made my own tee at" simply meaningful where you can feel this is your own creation and design. :D

As mentioned earlier, the first collection featuring I LOVE MY theme and there's a lot of design to choose from! I actually took almost 10 minutes to decide which heart design that I wanted to be printed on my t-shirt. >.< The orang utan Pongo heart design caught my attention as it resembles Sandakan which also represent one of the state in Malaysia - Sabah. Being a Sabahan myself, of course I would love to get it for myself, I'm always proud being a Sabahan

It was really too bad that there's no more white t-shirt in XS for Pongo heart design and there's also no Pongo heart design for XS black t-shirt. Yup, I was late and I decided to choose my second most favourite heart design - Champ

Look at that lovely CHAMP heart on the black t-shirt. <3 After all, I'm proud of our Dato Lee Chong Wei for his great performance in every badminton championship tournament. Wait... you also can get yours on idotshirt at RM50 only!

There's also logo of IDOtshirt attached on every t-shirt. Well, by ordering from idotshirt, you will received faux printed high quality material t-shirts carefully selected for great comfort and good fit

As for the next collection, IDOtshirt teased us with these! Yup, you can choose from various design like above but in your own words. It's play time and get your creative juice work for you to get awesomely cool t-shirt designed by your own and produced by! 

Simple design perfect for laid back Saturday!

When am not up for anything and just want the comfy-ness, pairing my favorite tee with short pants is the simplest way to dress up! :p Well, I can also pair it with skater skirt by tuck it in? Or maybe pair it with a high waist pants too! That's how fashionable a t-shirt can be! Do subscribe idotshirtCOM on Facebook too lovelies! <3

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