Banana Leaf Meal @ Sri Suria Curry House, SS3

It has been a laid back Sunday after the whole day outing yesterday. Am going to talk about my experience trying banana leaf meal which I'm not sure if anyone of you even bother to read about it. :p I have to say that my first time trying out the banana leaf meal was last year when the former colleagues managed to convinced me to try it. It turned out some of us got ourselves half cooked fried chicken with everything tasted salty and the only thing that our tummy can enjoy was the plain rice, paid RM18 which we ended up upset that we're not even full with that amount of money. Well, I was afraid but glad that I gave another try for Banana Leaf Meal at Sri Suria Curry House which turned out something really pleasant. 

Sri Suria Curry House, located at SS3 (nearby Sri Shakti Eswary Temple) was actually just opened few months ago. The place is clean and spacious, most importantly you know you can enjoy your meal comfortably at this place. :D

Briyani rice available as alternative if you prefer to eat your banana leaf meal with briyani rice instead of the plain rice. Vegetarian mutton/beef/chicken are available too! Oh, the Vegetarian Banana Leaf Meal at here priced at RM6 for the plain rice and RM8 for briyani rice. I would say it's cheap! 

These are the various vegetables dish of the day which will be served together with the banana leaf meal. Those vegetables are weird to me, as in pretty new to me! *lol* I've never tried any of those. 

Apart of the available pre-cooked side dishes, there's also perfectly marinated fish and chicken meat to be fried as per your request. We've ordered the fried fish and chicken, well after my bad experience with half cooked fried chicken, this turned out well cooked and tasted good!

Unlike some other places, Sri Suria Curry House using real banana leaf and not the plastic coated one. :p They washed and cleaned the leaf before spread it on the table for the diners. :)

This time, I could see how they actually served a complete banana leaf meal. After placed the clean banana leaf, they placed three different types of vegetable dishes - dal, salad (I thought it was coleslaw but they used yoghurt instead of mayonnaise) and the green I-dunno-what-it-called dish turned out something I like. :p

I really had no idea what's the name of each dishes they placing on my banana leaf and this fried bitter gourd, I almost say no to it. I almost refused to try it until Anna managed to convinced me that there's no bitter taste on these. It was really crispy and all I know was the crunchiness and taste of the coated flour instead of bitterness. :p 

They said that it's either you start your banana leaf meal with the yoghurt or end it with yoghurt to cool down all the heatiness from all the spicy dishes in your banana leaf meal. I really wish I can take yoghurt but no, I just can't. 

Oh wait! I didn't started my banana leaf meal with yoghurt but this mini steel cup of rasam! It was served hot and boy, this is one of the most appetising soups ever! One can get greedy to get second help with this sourish and flavorful rasam! :p

This plate of pickles worked like a magic on me! It tasted like sour plum and the next thing you know, your appetite just getting bigger and you can finish up everything that has been served on the table. However, this not available all the time. :( It wasn't available on my another two visits here. 

Chicken Kurma (RM6)
Mutton Varuval (RM6.50)
Chicken Varuval (RM5.50)
Fried Chicken (RM5)
Fried Ikan Tenggiri

As for the "Fried To Order" section, the price for various seafood (fish, squid, fish egg, crab) are based on seasonal price. 

Chicken Briyani was really nice but I realised with all the spiced and flavorful side dishes, it still best to eat with plain rice. Don't get me wrong, the chicken briyani was really nice and I can eat it alone without the side dishes. That's my self preference, I just wanted to enjoy all the goodness of the foods at its best. :P

That's our complete vegetarian banana leaf meal without those plates of side dishes. It completes with papadom, chutney and dried chilli. You have no idea how great this banana leaf meal was!

The four of us (Bok, Anna, Eric and I) actually having quite hard time finish up all! And... it's kinda hard to resist to enjoy such home cooked Indian foods that we managed to clean up all! :p 

Mango Lassi @ RM6
Ribena Longan Special (RM6.50)
Three Layered Iced Tea 
We also have been served with all the refreshing drinks like Mango LassiRibena Longan Special and Three Layered Iced Tea while enjoying our banana leaf meal. Mango Lassi was very creamy and rich, it was way too milky for me to handle but the rest of them loved it very much! I enjoyed the Ribena Longan Special drink that I finished up two glasses of that! :p 

Bru Coffee Susu Lembu (RM3.50)
Teh Tarik (RM1.50)
For coffee and tea lovers, do give a try on both Bru Coffee Susu Lembu and Teh Tarik! They tasted quite special and the tea leaves used was imported all the way from Cameron Highlands. Try it and you know the difference in quality wise compare to others. :p

Sri Suria Curry House
No. 3A, PJ 21 (SS3/39),
Kelana Jaya, 
Selangor 47300
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun (7am-11pm)
Tel No: +603 - 7865 7771
GPS Coordinates: 3.089332, 101.614917

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