Shopping Dates with HiSHOP!

I believe most of you realised that I've been posting about HiSHOP in my blog! It is simply because of me have been enjoying their services and love my every single online shopping dates with HiSHOP! :D I didn't find any difficulty while browsing through their site and most importantly they have such user-friendly interface to ease your online shopping experience!

FREE shipping nationwide for purchase above RM50! What else to love? They are using poslaju for your purchased item with tracking number for you to track. I normally didn't bother about the tracking number because it usually arrived my doorstep the very next or second day later. Upon unboxing, the sweet coral peachy box with bubble-wrapper for every single purchased item. This simply means you need not to worry about your item get damaged during the delivery process. :p 

I've been shopping with HiSHOP for several times already by now and there's a thing that always make me feel good for shopping with them. They're not only having promotion of different brands for almost everyday but they also give you discount voucher for you to offset for your next purchase. I have recently bought two bloop cosmetic products - Bloop Eyeshadow Crayon (Blue) and Bloop 15 Colors Palette Mini Eyeshadow (03)

The whole eyeshadow crayon is more on a highlighter pen-like to me. It claimed that it is a waterproof eyeshadow crayon which I have not test it with water yet. 

As you can see the above swatch of the eyeshadow crayon, I was a bit disappointed with the color. Firstly, that's not really the color of blue that am looking for. I would want a darker or navy blue color instead of light or turquoise blue color for eyeshadow. Secondly, it's actually not that easy to glide on your skin, I've tried to put it on my eyelid and realised I need to glide it several times only can see the obvious color. Imagine if you need to glide on your eye areas for several times just to get the exact color... seems like I will not be using this often from my first experience with it. :(

The second product that I've bought was the Bloop 15 Colors Palette Mini Eyeshadow (03). Packaging wise, nothing much to shout about, it's simple and I would say easy to carry around too.

I choose the combination of basic and color eyeshadow palette so I can use it anytime for any occasion. Trust me, 15 shades palette suffice enough to create a lot of different look! *winks*

I am really happy with most of the colours especially those with shimmers effect. It was really easy to glide and pigmented. Love it! 

What else to love about HiSHOP? Thanks to them that I managed to shop for some other skincare/cosmetic products that only available at other countries! The greatest feeling of just one click and you're getting it the very next one or two days, really exciting and awesome! <3

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