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Gong Xi Fatt Chai !

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Wishing all of you A Prosperous Chinese New Year and may this year GREATER than previous years.

I just back from KL today!
I've fully enjoyed my entire stays at there.

Extremely happy to meet my love, Eric !

Nice meeting with Kian Fai, another new friend!

Extremely excited to meet and hanged out with Merryn !

Happily met one of my dearies, Mariuca !

The Best Lou Sang with my lovelies - Eric, Saucer & Witch , Merryn & Family,  Panda Foong , Erika and Grey.

Nothing more that made me happy to get this shot of cute Ethan !

Spent time with darling Witch was FUN, me likey!

FINALLY!! I met Panda Foong!

Quachee didn't lou sang with us that night, but he joined us for supper at Snowflake!

Oops! That's Kelvin, who actually applied leave and accompanied me for the half day!

Glad meeting friendly Rebecca too!
We took our supper at Vialentino's cafe - Coffee Chemistry Cafe .

The last yumcha session with Kian Fai and Kelvin on my last night stay at KL.

I felt extra loved and actually happy to meet all of them, especially when I actually spent more time with my closest darlings - Merryn & Witch ! <3

Eric always did his best for me though he actually pampered me a lot!

I didn't celebrate my Chinese New Year there as I have to back for family reunion dinner on this Chinese New Year Eve.
Guess most of you are now back at own hometown too!



42 comments on "Gong Xi Fatt Chai !"
  1. Wow you met a lot of friends there. It looks like you had a awesome time. I am hoping to meet everybody one day also. Happy Chinese New Year dear friend. :D

  2. I love that shot off ethan!

    Kelvin teman u half a day meh? I think almost a day wei! That poor dude! He must be traumatised! Lol! :P

  3. Happy Cina Raya to u kay? The airport tak banjir eh?

  4. Happy new year to u !! Looks like u had lots of fun there !

  5. I saw ur pic at Edmend's blog and I wanted to tell you, I love this blue dress, so sweet and it looks awesome on you! :D:D

  6. Oh so happy la u had a wonderful time catching up with so many ppl while u were here, one busy blogger! :D:D

  7. And I'm sure u had the best time with Eric, hugs for the both of you! :D:D

  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to see me and for the yummy cookies too! :)

  9. Nice to meet you! Have a happy CNY! : )

  10. Qong Xi Fa Cai! Kahwin Rabbit Year...have anak the following year - Dragon! BEST lah! LOL!!!

  11. Wow! That is like an All-Star list of bloggers you met, and they are some of my favorites, too(of course, you're in that group, too). You posting these makes me wish I was there to meet up with you guys. LOL @ Foong not revealing himself, but understandable though.

    Nice pics, and what a time you must of had!

  12. Happy CNY caroline.... that seems really fun... meeting a lot of of online buddies huh...

  13. wow, so you flew to KL just before CNY to celebrate CNY with the blogger gang huh?? that's cool..

  14. and you finally meet up with people you wanted to meet up so much huh, eg: Panda Foong.. haha!!

  15. why isn't Panda Foong wearing the chinese costume?? haiz, did you all punish him for not following the theme?? :D

  16. so you're back to KK now, coming again for V-day?? hehe~~ :p

  17. wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous chinese new year.. gong xi fa cai!!! :)

  18. Happy chinese new year wify!!! XD had a great n fun time with u!!

  19. one of the bestest lou sang ever!! XD

  20. yeah hor...should have punish panda foong for not following theme...LOL

  21. @Merryn

    LOL. I was thinking the same thing why she mentioned half a day.

    But it was fun bringing her around. I'd deal with her any day rather than the fussy people at work.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you Merryn & family and Caroline. Huat ah!!!

  22. You didn't call out your best friend come out. I was hoping to see the leng lui. :P

  23. Happy New Year to you too Caroline! Hope you had a good trip.

  24. Happy CNY dear.. the pic all of u wear cheongsam and samfu very nice. Me likey hehe. :)

  25. Looking 兔tù-wards 兔tù-day 兔tù-morrow and 兔tù-getherness forever.
    兔tù-begin with good health & wealth
    Wishing You & Eric A Hopping, Happy & Prosperous Rabbit 兔tù Year
    恭喜发财 GongXiFaCai

  26. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family dearie!

    Wah Panda's face is mosaic..hahaha

  27. you look so nice in a cheongsum... phewit!!!

  28. Happy Chinese New year to you.. :)

  29. Ahhh I MISS YOU DEARRRRRR :( You better make sure you come back in April ok!! I enjoyed my time with you too!! Especially during lou sang and Snowflake! Finally I meet someone who can eat more than me liao!! hahaha

  30. oh, so that explains why you're M.I.A. lately. LOL!

    anyway, i'm happy for you because you finally found some time to spend with your "hubby". and meet new friends as well. looks like you enjoyed yourself immensely.


  31. nice.. i thought u all met up during cny...

  32. Happy New Year Caroline.

    You met so many friends eh? That is so nice of you.

  33. u had a lovely time ic. wonderful u had a chanz to meet so many new faces. foongpc i thought was much bigger in size

  34. Happy Rabbit Year!
    Saw your pictures in Marzie´s blog.
    She´s been a great blogging Buddie to me :)
    Thanks for dropping by trough EC.
    All the best,

  35. Happy Belated CNY!! HAHAHA!! Well Happy Working ALSO!! =D


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