Natural Herbal Skincare Products by Paul Penders | Langkawi

Paul Penders skincare products
As mentioned in my previous post, I will be sharing more about the Paul Penders skincare product in a separate post. :D There's few things that you must know about the Paul Penders skincare product: they are made of natural herbal ingredients, never tested on animal and certified "Halal"

Paul Penders skin care solutions combine the purest ingredients from Mother Nature to restore balance, health and vitality to your skin. Each skin care solution contains our LevensESSENTIE Gold®, an extract of 22 herbs from the East and West, a traditional recipe passed down from Paul's grandmother. Paul Penders skin care solutions are cold-pressed in small batches to preserve the active properties of carefully selected herbal ingredients.

Paul Penders (Founder)
The name of Paul Penders has already been well known internationally for quite some time and it was quite surprised to know they are doing their R&D in Langkawi, Malaysia. It was really inspiring to actually get to know the founder in person through his sharing with all of us and to know how actually he begins with his skincare beauty products, amazing. Why Langkawi? That's because Langkawi is beautiful, I kid. No, but it's because of Langkawi Geopark and it's also rich in natural herbs. Paul Penders also shared about the "bismilah" herb plant which will be used in his products soon. 

Paul Penders skincare products
After the introduction and sharing session, we were given a set of Paul Penders skincare products that's suits our skin type. Of course, we get to know about the products as well as learnt the proper way of using the products. I have a combination and very sensitive skin, acne-prone skin which is always leds me to always look for organic and natural products for my skin. Here's the list of products that given on that day:

a) Alpinia & Teatree Cleansing Wash (for normal to oily skin)
  • This light foaming facial cleanser with plant-derived ingredients gently removes surface dirt and impurities. The natural antibacterial properties of alpinia and teatree oil gently cleanse while normalizing sebum production to reduce blemishes. Directions: In circular motions, apply to entire face and neck. Gently massage and rinse.
b) Calming & Soothing Mist (for all skin types)
  • Formulated with organic roman chamomile extracts that provides a soothing and calming effect on the skin. It helps to protect sensitive skin from harsh environments. Roman chamomile helps to calm and relax any type of skin. Directions: Spray mist onto area where needed; leave it to dry.
c) A.M. Moisturizer (day cream for dry & sensitive skin)
  • Light, rapidly-absorbing moisturizer with aloe vera, calendula and linseed oil containing natural SPF. Replenishes dry and sensitive skin, protects against dehydration. Directions: After using Paul Penders cleanser and skin toner apply moisturizer and spread evenly onto face every morning.
d) Herbal Sunscreen SPF 22 (for all skin types)
  • Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 provides broad-spectrum protection from the harmful ultra-violet UVA and UVB rays of the sun, while vitamins repair, soothe and hydrate the skin. This non-sticky formulation absorbs almost immediately after application. Directions: Apply liberally 20minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply every 2 hours and after swimming or showering.

ICT by Paul Penders
Paul's most favorite product in his skin care line -  Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT). Similar to mask treatment, we apply the ICT once a week

Benefits of ICT
  • Acceleration of natural elastin and collagen production
  • Smoothening and softening of the skin
  • Firming and improving the skin's elasticity levels
  • Increased skin moisture levels
  • Helps prevent lines and wrinkles
  • Promoting fresh and clear complexion

ICT consists of two products which mixing is required before applying it onto our face. First, place 2 scoops of ICT I (Herbal Powder) into the mixing bowl (the cap). Ensure container lid is firmly sealed immediately after use. 

Then, add exactly 3/4 scoop of ICT II (Fortified Liquid - releases oxygen for clarifying) into the mixing bowl. 

Next, with the spatula, gently stir both ingredients to an even consistency. Remember, leave the mixture for 2 minutes before applying it onto your face. This allows the ingredients to interact, releasing fresh oxygen and other nutrients into a bioavailable form for easy absorption.

Use the spatula provided or you may use a soft brush, smooth the ICT mixture evenly over the face and neck, taking care to avoid the eye area. Last but not least, leave the mask for 5-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. NOTE: For sensitive/dry skin, apply a layer of moisturizer before the treatment.

When Celine told us that the level of moisture will increase by almost 50% from the previous reading, I wasn't quite convinced. Well, not until the moment I saw my result. It was 39.6 and goes up to 64.9 after the treatment. Just WOW. (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)wow!*✰

A group picture with the founder, Paul Penders
It was such a great and well-spent afternoon for us as it was not only we get to visit the R&D site of Paul Penders products, but also getting to know and learn about Paul Penders skincare products. I always believe in getting to know a product well before apply it on your skin, as it really matters when it comes to our very own skin. You would not want to simply apply products that contain harmful ingredients into your skin, be it short-term or long-term. I will do a full detailed review about the Paul Penders skincare product in another post and you'll also get to know IF it suits my sensitive and acne-prone skin. (✿´‿`)