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Ninetology going ASEAN in style!
Congratulations to Ninetology Malaysia on another milestone! Ninetology Malaysia and Qualcomm unveiled their AirAsia Aircraft Livery Marking an ASEAN wide expansion initiative. 
Jay Srage, President for Middle-East, Africa and Southeast Asia of Qualcomm
The launching ceremony was held at the Sepang Aircraft Engineering and fellow members of the media were welcomed by the welcome speech by the emcee. It was then followed by speech by Jay Srage, the President for Middle-East, Africa and Southeast Asia of Qualcomm. 

Sean Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Ninetology Group
We have sold over 1 million units to date and have expanded into Indonesia as of September 2013, a partnership with Indonesia’s renowned singer and actress, Agnes Monica. Our devices are powered by Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM mobile processors, a world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, to continue our efforts in delivering outstanding value to our consumers, as evident by our results for over the past two years,” said Sean.

We have humanized our products, which will be the foundation for our business growth and expansion,” he continued. Ninetology states that it would strengthen its Smart Communication project this year. Some of its upcoming efforts will incorporate collaborations with content providers and to implement Cloud–based E-tracking system in devices to produce humanized devices for the public.

Quachee, Digital Media & Marketing Manager of Ninetology
Quachee, as the Digital Media & Marketing Manager of Ninetology also introduced the "So Wow for All" campaign featuring the new Ninetology's smartphone model U9J1 to the rest of the media. The So Wow For All is a whole year long campaign where Ninetology aims to "wow" everyone. This campaign starts with the launch of Ninetology's latest model, the colourful U9J1 which comes in four different colors - rave red, classic blackFuschia pink and neon green. This full fledged Android does everything a smartphone can do - but at a price tag of only RM199. 

At the same time, Ninetology is embarking on a mission to engage with the mass digital community alongside social influencers, leading the way of digital media networking in Malaysia. Ninetology also has a monthly giveaway (themed #9Giveaway) on every 9th of the month. Another "wow" in the pipeline is a heartwarming web-series, scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014. 

Mr. Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, AirAsia Group Head of Engineering - Mr. Marco Beh, Ninetology Group Chief Operating Officer - Mr. Mantosh Malhotra, Qualcomm Senior Director, Business Development Malaysia,  Philippines and Singapore - Mr. Jay Srage, Qualcomm President of Middle-East, Africa & South East Asia - Mr. Sean Ng, Ninetology Group Chief Executive - Mr. Goh Thih Liang, Qualcomm Director Of Business Development Officer - Schrene Goh, AirAsia Head of Ancillary Marketing - Ms Shian, Ninetology Group Chief Finance Officer posing at the Launch of Ninetology and Qualcomm Aircraft Livery.
The cosplayers together with the VIPs at the Launch of Ninetology and Qualcomm Aircraft Livery.

There's also a media Q&A session conducted on that day. Apart of that, Ninetology will also be investing up to RM5 million, to increase its experiential centres to 9 other locations across Malaysia by 2015 as part of their expansion plan in the country. Both Ninetology and Qualcomm’s partnership is expected to be the key driver for their ASEAN expansion plans and development, such as its upcoming LTE mobile device, which is expected to be announced soon.

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