Black Sand Beach | Langkawi

Yours truly
Yours truly was in Langkawi with another 4 bloggers from The Butterfly Project to discover an herbal beauty skincare brand - Paul Penders - in Langkawi. It was such a great experience in knowing more about a brand and I've also blogged about it HERE. As for now, let's talk about the Black Sand beach in Langkawi! Paul Penders' son, Bastiaan has been such a great host to the all of us for bringing us around Langkawi, even though it's for a day only. 

The Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam) placed in the center of Langkawi's north coast and about 19km from Kuah. Just when some of us started to whine for not bringing our swimsuit, we then realize it might not really a good idea to swim in here. 

Why is it called as Black Sand Beach?
The beach is stained with black sand (the result of the mineral contents in the sand such as iron oxide). It is not overall covered with black sand but as you can see from the above picture, they are a mixture of black and white shades of sand.  
There are many tales attached to this beach. Some believe that the reason of the sand being black is the due to a curse laid by some mermaid who was angry at some fisherman for stealing her ring. Some say that is it due to the burnt soil from the rice fields when the Siamese War was on. 

It was a super hot and sunny day and some of us prefer to just stay under the huge tree. Being someone grown up in Sabah, I always love the beach! I hate to stay under the hot sun because I get tan super easily and take forever to turn fairer, but I don't mind if am at the beach. 

This is not the best beach that I've ever been to, but it's one of the main attractions in Langkawi. When you're done with picture taking, you can always go up and shopping for local homemade souvenirs or treat yourself with fresh coconut juice while enjoying the view.

That's Tammy!
Tammy - Basstian - Caroline
Group selfie!
Caroline - Anne - Basstian

Guess what? Anne found a new friend here! I was shocked when she tells us that she has lots of the hermit crabs as her pet at home. 

Trust me, it requires a trick to hold a hermit crab. I have no idea how she actually does it, but I just can't do it. I am already a super ticklish person and this hermit crab refused to stay put in my hand. 

See, hermit crab and I can't be friends.