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I used to think we only need the basic skin care regime where it only involved three basic steps: cleansing, toning and moisturising. As I grow older, I slowly learn that this is definitely not sufficient in order to take care of our skin. Recently, yours truly gets to try out two products from yet another skincare brand - Linden Leaves - and it is available at Skintopic outlets

Clay Cleansing Masque with Manuka and Comfrey (55ml/1.86 fl oz)
Clay Cleansing Masque with Manuka and Comfrey, ideal for balancing those troublesome oily areas and absorbing excess oil and pollution from enlarged pores. It is formulated to gently and deeply cleanse the skin and lift away impurities, removing excess oil from the pores while improving skin balance and tone.

  • Comfrey extract for skin nutrition and cell regeneration
  • Kaolin to purify and absorb excess oil production
  • Manuka Oil to aid healing and restore skin balance

How To Use?
Warm skin with a hot, damp face cloth before applying generously to very slightly damp, warm skin.Avoid eye area and leave to dry. Remove by softening with moist fingers or a warm face cloth, rinse with warm water and pat dry. 
** Use weekly or as required.

I normally apply it over my face with a brush and I will apply more on the trouble spot. Once it starts to dry, I can feel the slight tingling effect and I know it's definitely time to wash it off. It deep cleansed and makes my skin feel refreshed after washing it off. 

Regenerating Elixir with Organic White Tea and Rose (15ml/0.5 fl oz)
Regenerating Elixir with Organic White Tea and Rose, formulated with nature's aid to hydrate, balance and protect the skin from everyday environmental stresses for a fresh, youthful appearance. It is also known as the perfect secret weapon for when your skin needs a "lift".

  • Organic White Tea to protect and balance.
  • Rosehip Oil to restore, regenerate and plump the skin.
  • Kiwi fruit Extract to help defend against visible signs of ageing.

Apply a small amount to the face and neck area. For the ultimate facial treatment, mix a small amount of the elixir with the essential facial moisturizer and massage into the skin.

I have a combination type skin and I tend to be careful on every skin care product that am going to apply on my skin. I do not apply it alone on my skin, but mix it with my moisturizer as I afraid it will be too rich for certain areas of my skin. I was pretty surprise to see the result after a week usage, as it does enhance my complexion and also has the brighten effect. Now, I just can't live without this product in my skin care regime. 

tip: Recovering from a big night out or very stressed week? For an immediate improvement before you face the world, try mixing 1-2 pumps into your moisture replenishing masque and apply as a skin rejuvenating and rehydration treatment for 5-15 minutes then simply wipe excess away with a damp face cloth.