NARS "Larger Than Life" Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

When other girls saying out loud that they can't go out without eyeliner, I would say I can't live without mascaras! I rarely put on eyeliner on my eyelids, except tight line my waterlines. Yours truly received these new babies just two days ago and was so happy and excited to try the new 'Larger Than Life' Volumizing and Lengthening mascaras by NARS

Let's check out what it claimed to be and you can see my review demo below. 

Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara
Lush. Lavish. Dramatically full lashes. Vitamin-enriched mascara boosts volume and curl with every stroke for high-drama lashes that are bigger than ever. Every lash is coated with a velvety finish; no clumping, smudging or flaking. 
Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara
It creates high definition lashes that are long and luxurious, sculpted and separated. Dramatic length and separation in one high-performance formula. Nylon fibers hug lashes for extra length, making them impossibly long, impossibly sexy.

As shown above, the Volumizing mascara has a distinctive square brush designed for optimum color pick-up, thicker and more bristles (NARS signature "honeycomb" bristles) allow for even distribution. However, the Lengthening mascara wand has high-tech bristles on a conical brush allow lengthening capabilities and precise lash separationlonger tip and picked up more product than one need for their lashes. 

Look at the obvious difference! :D

I've applied different mascaras on my eyes to see the difference on both mascaras. I have a pretty decent length of eyelashes and I always prefer a Volumizing mascara that can give my lashes some definition without clumps. Yours truly totally love the easy application on my lashes, especially how the Volumizing brush bristles coated all my lash completely without any clumps! For the lengthening mascara, it gives the slight length, but if you wish to have perfect longer lashes, I afraid to say that this may not something you're looking for. And, it's not that easy to apply the mascara on lower lashes due to the size of the brushes. Though, it's not really a big deal for me as I can always clean it off with a cotton bud. 

For my basic daily makeup, one coat of the mascara is sufficient and it creates definition on my lashes yet still natural. Of course, you can always apply more layers to build the perfect volume and/or length of your lashes for certain occasions as the layers are buildable. I had so much fun testing few coating of mascaras on my lashes and trust me, it can be dramatic. 

Once the mascaras dry up, it is smudge-proof and water-proof! I've tried so hard to rub it off and washed it off with water, but they're still there. This indicates how good and ultra long wear mascaras that it's a must item in your collection! With this, everyone can bid goodbye to ugly panda eyes due to smudged mascara! 

I personally love this mascara. These babies also has turned into my go-to mascaras! Oh, I also noticed that it gives an illusion of tight lining my waterline which I think it's most probably due to its real black color. So much love!

You can visit NARS store and purchase the Larger Than Life Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara at RM95 each.