Saturday Shopping Hauls!

Yankee Candles
Yankee Candles! If you're following my Dayre or if you're in my friend list on Facebook, you should have known about my obsession towards the Yankee Candles! Too bad, they are not available in Malaysia and the nearest place to get them is Singapore. I found an authorized dealer for Yankee Candle on Facebook, but the shipping charges going to cost me $66 which is nearly RM200 for two jars of candles. :( Eric's sister (who works in Singapore) came back yesterday and tadaa~! 6 cute and unique scents of Yankee Candles were brought back to me! They smell super awesome!! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Oops, that's obviously not my Saturday shopping haul, but let's see what I've bought today. I feel broke to spend so much money in merely one hour only. I've been shopping so much lately that I kinda limit myself from doing any shopping today, but failed big time. (︶︹︺)

Shu Eumura POREfinish - RM270 (450ml) | RM110 (150ml)
Eric brought me to KLCC as he has some meeting at Avenue K (connected to KLCC) and I can't take my eyes off from this pink bottle of Shu Eumura's NEW POREfinist cleansing oil! The color is not pink here due to the filter effect applied. Whatever formula used in this cleansing oil sounds perfect and amazingly perfect for my skin type! How to say no?! I was trying to console myself that RM270 for 450ml for 6 months usage is not expensive. Not only that, I also can save on separate eye and face makeup remover since this going to do all-in-one job. (* >ω<)

Watch this and see how it works like magic! You can see the real pink Sakura color of the bottle here.

Minni Mouse tumblr (RM50) and Eye mask (RM15)
We passed by Typo and they are having this Disney's Mickey & Minnie Mouse collection for a limited time! Being a super huge fan of Minnie Mouse, I dragged Eric to enter the shop and again, hoping it won't be too expensive and keep reminding myself not to buy something that I've already own. At that very moment, I wish I can buy ALL the collection! They are super cute and each with cute Minnie Mouse on the notebooks, tumblr, stickers, gift boxes, etc. Eric felt glad that I finally settled with the Minnie Mouse tumblr only. We bumped into Estee and Rocky, Estee bought this cute Minnie Mouse sleeping eye mask for me! Eric's reaction: WHY YOU BUY THIS FOR HER?! Look at how many Minnie Mouse stuff at home already! Alright, we're just going to ignore him for now. (*^▽^*)ゞ

Amason Jug - RM30
This jug is so hipster-ish! I really it's look so cool and vintage in a way that I know I must have this! I've seen this in Zoella's hauls video and never thought I can get it here in Typo. It's quite huge in size and imagine drinking the cool juices from this glass jar! Oh-so-nice! It is originally priced at RM30 but I bought it for RM15 with any purchase. Great deal indeed! And... Eric complained why never get one for him... 

Alright, that's all for today!
Happy Weekend to all of you!