WWBE Soothing Cleanser | HiSHOP Malaysia

A few weeks ago, a parcel from HiSHOP Malaysia has dropped into my mailbox. I have always been happy to receive parcels from them and this time they have sent me the Soothing Cleanser by WWBE. This range of products is suitable for all skin types as they use only natural and organic herbal ingredients such as rosemary, marigold, juniper, chamomile and more. WWBE products are not only free from harmful chemical, artificial preservatives and fragrances, they are certified "Halal" as well. \(^▽^)/

I get to know about WWBE skincare range through HiSHOP's HiLife site where the girls actually tried and tested the products and allow users/customers get to see the result and a little bit more about the products, this is great especially before you decided to buy and try the products on your own. I am all about organic and natural products, anything that falls under these categories, I will go into that for sure. I have a very sensitive and combination skin type which I have been mentioning all the time in my blog, you knew that.

As you can see, it has a very runny fluid as there's no chemical thickener added, hence you need to make sure you place the tube with the lid facing upwards. The texture is more like a milk liquid-y type and also has quite strong herbal scent, which is very soothing to a person like me. Some might not like it. 

  • Clean hands. 
  • Use appropriate amount in the palm of your wet hand, then apply to dry face and neck with circular movements to lift away impurities. 
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

WWBE Soothing Cleanser contains rosemary and calendula to stimulate dermis and restore your skin's natural glow while repairing broken blood capillaries and improving dry and sensitive skin. It also claims that it can perfectly remove impurity and make-up, excellent as make-up remover. 



I wasn't sure if it is an excellent make-up remover as it claimed. I have tested it with two different amounts of makeup application - with foundation, concealer and eyeshadow | with CC cream only - to see how well it works as a make-up remover. I would say it is definitely not a perfect make-up remover for those who always applied heavy makeup on their skin. It doesn't remove eyeshadow and concealer.  ( ´△`) However, if you're someone who always opt for light makeup with just BB or CC cream in your daily routine, this is certainly does the job! ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾

As for me, I always do double cleanse especially when am on make-up for certain occasions. I always use makeup remover to remove the makeup on my entire face, then only use facial cleanser to cleanse my face. There's no foam as it is a sulphate free cleanser. I love how smooth and cleanse my face after washed it with this WWBE Soothing Cleanser, it didn't irritate my face and my skin feels rehydrated, as well as leave my skin soft and supple. 

Price: RM105 for 100ml. Check out more WWBE products HERE!