Bad Boys Cooks | Setiawalk, Puchong

It has been quite sometime since Eric and I "visited" Setiawalk, Puchong. Most of the time, unless it was me the one wanted to go to places or he just won't go to that place for any reason. It was too bad that both of us are not a fan of pub or bar, hence Setiawalk kinda out of our go-to list. Well, the good thing was we just went there last week to try the foods in this pretty new food outlet - Bad Boy Cooks - and oh, they cooks real food. 

Some of you might find it hard to find this outlet. All you need to do is look for Beer Factory, Bad Boy Cooks just right behind it. Unlike the bars and pubs, it is huge and bright. They have such an extensive menu to offer to their patrons. Hence, it's pretty hard to find something that is not suitable for any one of you. Here am going to share what we have had for dinner on that night. ;)
Bad Boy Mash - RM4
I personally love mashed potatoes but it has to be a good one. The Bad Boy Mash tasted so good and pretty addictive! Smooth whipped potatoes and it goes well with the sauce, yums!
Chili Nachos - RM6
Chili Nachos, hand-cut corn chips topped with chili beef and cheese is to-die-for. Well, that at least to us. Crispy nachos with well seasoned topping, what else one could ask for a good time snack?
Chili Fries - RM6
Similar to the Chili Nachos, the Chili Fries with thick cut fries have the same topping - chili beef and cheese sauce.
Bad Boy Wings - RM6
Who can say no to chicken wings!? Well, definitely not me. People who know me, they will take the drumette and pass me the wings! The Bad Boy Wings, perfectly cooked with the famous spicy chili and totally appetizing, especially for people who enjoy spicy food / snacks!
Tempura Mushrooms - RM5
I found another favorite snack of mine - Tempura Mushrooms! The oyster mushrooms, fried with a light tempura batter. A simple snack yet tastes delicious, loved it.
Bad Boy Caesar - RM8
Bad Boy Eggy Tuna - RM8
Now, who can say no to salad? I bet none of you dare to say no to salad, especially the yummy ones! You can opt for the Bad Boy Caesar if you prefer for the classic caesar salad where you can enjoy classic romaine lettuce with boiled egg, beef bacons and parmesan cheese. Well, if you're up for something new, do give a try to the Bad Boy Eggy Tuna. A plateful of mixed green salad leaves, tuna chunks, and hard boiled eggs! 
Fried Baton - RM3
There's various selection of add-ons and it is available from as low as RM1! Be sure to check it out on their menu before you make your order.
Chili Olio with Egg - RM8
Al Funghi with Beef Bacon - RM9
Moving towards the main dishes, we were served with two types of pastas - Chili Olio and Al Funghi - with the add-ons side dishes. The Chili Olio is also known as Bad Boy signature hot and garlicky, full of spice of course! It is simple yet tasted so delicious, too bad it was too spicy for me to handle. Else, I know I will be the one who finish it by myself. On the other side, the Al Funghi is a creamy type with assorted mushroom pasta.

Slaw Dog - RM9
This is another simple yet yummy food to enjoy during one of those days when you're hanging out with friends. The Slaw Dog with chicken sausage topped with wasabi coleslaw and cheddar cheese, served with thick-long cut fries too! Give it a try and am sure you're going to tell me that you love the coleslaw too!
Cajun Chicken - RM12
Grilled Lamb - RM19
Beef Patty & Mash - RM13
Under the House Specials section in the menu, you can opt for either one dish and house specials will be served with whipped potato and coleslaw. All you need to do is decide on chicken, beef or lamb dish and your favorite sauce (brown sauce, mushroom or peppercorn). Cajun Chicken, with perfectly grilled chicken marinated with Bad Boy Cajun spices. The Grilled Lamb, with grilled lamb shoulder slices marinated with garlic and spices. As for the Beef Patty & Mash, do enjoy the double beef patty with sunny side-up egg and green peas. 
Tempura Fish - RM10
Grilled Fish - RM12
Not fancy any heavy meats? You can have the Tempura Fish as your main dish for sure. This is known as Bad Boy favorite, lightly tempura-battered fish fillet, never underestimate the portion as it's pretty filling. Or, if you're feeling under the weather and not fancy any fried dish, you can always opt for the Grilled Fish instead, the dory fillet char grilled with garlic butter and herbs.  
Katsu Bowl - RM9
What's with a Japanese fusion dish in Bad Boy Cooks? This is known as Katsu Bowl where you can enjoy the bowl of rice with succulent and tender chicken cutlet breaded with Panko.
Fire Bird - RM9
Sloppy BB - RM13
More like a burger person? If you more of a person who enjoys chicken patty, you may go ahead with the Fire Bird (chicken breast with spicy chili mayo, cheese, tomato and slaw). Or, if you fancy beef patty, the Sloppy BB is available for you to enjoy! It has a well marinated beef patty topped with double cheese and chili beef, delicious!
Bad Boy Madness - RM19
This is crazy, but we were served with the Bad Boy Madness to complete our dinner. It is huge in portion and we still couldn't believe that the 8 of us didn't manage to finish it! If you ask me, this is a huge combo of banana split - chocolate brownies - cookie and ice cream - chocolate sauce and cream - and sprinkled with a generous amount of chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles! There's 3 huge scoops of chocolate ice creams and a very satisfying dessert indeed. 
Affogato Shake - RM8
Before I end my post, there's one more thing to share with all of you. Please make sure you give a try on their milk & shake, especially this glass of Affogato Shake! It tastes amazing that no one can't resist from, unless you're not a fan of coffee of course. Cheers!

Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk, Puchong
Inside Setiawalk, behind Beef Factory.
Tel no: +6 03 - 5891 1206