Rawai Villa | Phuket

I've mentioned about my bosses booked a super huge and nice villa in Phuket for us to stay and work comfortably during our 7-day trip. This is the Rawai Villa and he booked it through airbnb site for USD400/night. The villa was only one year old since February 2013 and it can accommodate 10 people or more. Rawai Villa has 5 large and spacious bedroom (completes with fans and air conditioners) with two living areas, infinity swimming pool. It was an indeed fully furnished holiday villa. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

The bosses also ensure that there's a WIFI connection throughout the entire house in order to keep our work productivity even though we're on holiday. Each living room furnished with huge and comfy couches, cable TV and WIFI routers. 

I was way too exhausted from the morning flights and all I was a good rest, hence there's no picture of the awesome kitchen area. The kitchen completes with everything that you could ask for. They have prepared a price list for in-house massage service, which you can always inform the person in-charge to arrange the appointment for you to get the masseuse come over to the villa, without the need of going out.

These are the essential oil in solid form that will be used for the in-house massage session. There's no picture of the awesomely spacious dining area too! It features a long table that a feast for 10 can be done every single day. Well, that's where we enjoyed the chef's homecook breakfast on the alternate days during our stays. 

The stair to go one level was pretty unique, I thought. I took almost 2 days to get used with it, I just don't feel insecure with the gap in between the staircases, especially for a person with fear of height like me. My most favorite place in the villa would be the entire first floor! Read on to know why.

Did I mention the villa is also well decorated in such artsy-fartsy way? There's so many wall decors almost everywhere and we thought everything was set up in such thoughtful and amazing. It gives a good vibes too!

This is the living area on the first floor. I personally loved to chill and do my work at here by myself, especially when the rest of the developer team went downstairs to work.

First floor is awesome not only because my room was on that floor, also because there's a sound system where I can just connect my iPhone and enjoyed all the song in my Spotify playlist (this part have been always fun because all of us tends to sing along, without fail! Lol!)

Of course, it is also because of this awesome infinity pool right outside the living area! This pool is great because it's filled with salt water instead of chlorine, which is better for our skin. Whoever feels like to enjoy a good swim in between working time, we can always do that! How awesome! 

The swinging chair was here too! Gosh, I really love this place where I can relax myself and unwind without the need of heading to the beach. 

Oh, that's Val!

And.. that's my big boss!

*water splashed*

The rooms are all spacious and furnished with shelves and cupboard. Each room featured with different views too! There's one room at the ground floor, 3 rooms (including master bedroom) on the first floor and another one room on the rooftop (second floor)! What's the best part? You can enjoy BBQ session on the rooftop as they have set up a space with BBQ place too. 

Now, you can see there's 10 of us staying together in this huge villa for 7-day long, we also washed our clothes on every alternate day with the new washing machine. It feels like home indeed. (♥ω♥*)