Where's The Party 2013

It was exactly a week ago...Yours truly joined the rest of the party goers to "Where's The Party" by Carlsberg Malaysia. Everyone have been wondering where's the party will be this time? Who will be the performers? The secret was revealed when we hop onto the bus and it brought us to the venue - UPM Serdang. 

It's like we're leaving on a jet plane, we need to go through the metal detector and baggage checking procedure! It was quite an interesting one. 

Not only that, we get to enjoy and have fun at the "waiting lounge" before we departing for real, I mean before the party started! :p iDart Malaysia set up booth at there too! We had so much fun playing the darts and I have never know am quite good at it. >.< 

Being part of the media, we get to enter the venue prior for the press conference session. It's pretty impressive on how they actually turned the whole venue into a "jet-set" venue complete with a rare Antonov airplane forming part of the backdrop! Oh-so-wow!

To kick off the party, new Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Henrik Andersen and Carlsberg Singapore managing director John Botia made a fitting apperance at the press conference when they alighted from the Antonov, accompanied by a bevy of brand ambassadors, dressed as air stewardesses.

Just so you know that Carlsberg's iconic WTP is for the bold who step up to earn an exclusive, money-can't-buy invitation to a party where anything could happen. So, do you think you are bold enough?

You would be surprised with the line-up that going to rock the party at night! Amazing DJ-s, singers, comedian, etc - Douglas Lim, 9 Lives, 3am In The Valley, Joel Turner, Big Skryptz, Sweety, DJ Inquisitive and Emcee Derrick, DJ Miss Nine, Cazzette and also DJ Claz and DJ Ming Ming

According to Mr Andersen, "Air travel is our theme this year as we're flying lucky Malaysians to Europe for our global party, we needed a massive place that would fit the plane and the huge crowd. This WTP is also about taking partygoers to new heights and it looks like we have set a new benchmark in the local party scene by creating another epic sensorial event."

He added, "For the first time in the history of WTP, Malaysians will be treated to the global WTP experience, where 22 nations will come together. Consumers bold enough to step up to the challenge will be justly rewarded with entry to this epic European party experience."

Caroline x Nicole
Party Zone
The party zone was really spacious and there were over 3000 partygoers from Malaysia and Singapore attended the party! Are you one of them?

Bar Counter
My date
We have both male and female pilot to bring us up up to the sky and party hard! Both celebrity hosts Joey G and Patricia K really great on keeping all the partygoers entertained!

Douglas Lim
The opening party for the night by Malaysia's very own stand-up comedian, Douglas Lim entertained all the partygoers with his charm! Although I went for his show few months ago, it still made me laughing hard with his lame jokes! He also sang his own creation "I Hate Kpop" with a canto-pop song. It was nice but no, I still love Kpop! :p

Followed by 9 Lives, they certainly rocked the stage and get everyone dancing and jumping happily following the beats! Pretty cool!

With 3am In The Valley, Joel Turner and Big Skryptz on stage, all of us were well entertained by their beatbox performance together with the awesome songs played! Everyone getting high and putting their hands up in the air! Wohoo!


Sweety from Korea performed various Kpop songs that most of us familiar with! Popular song by SNSD, 4Minute, Psy, etc. The moment they performed Oppa Gangnam Style, there's no surprise to see most of the partygoers started to dancing like one! Wohooo!! KPop is crazy huh? :p

While the party go on with DJ Inquisitive + Emcee Derrick, DJ Miss Nine, Cazzette and DJ Claz and DJ Ming Ming, we choose to enjoyed ourselves to the max and start camwhoring like one! :p I have never experience such fun party like this before, dancing with the bunch of friends together and just having fun!

Amazing party! Look at the happy faces of the party goers here, I don't think you going to miss out the next EPIC WTP! :D And of course, party goers were advised to drink in moderation and get their breath alcohol content tested before leaving. There's over a hundred taxis were on standby to send consumers home too! 

Thank you PersonEDGE for the media passes and giving me yet another amazing party experience! <3