Astalift @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Astalift by Fujifilm, is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy. "ASTA" means tomorrow in Japanese while "LIFT" refers to the uplift of one's inner emotions as beauty shines through. The result is a meaningful brand promise that offers renewed skin. 

They have recently opened new outlet at second floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre and yours truly managed to enjoy their mini facial pampering session too. Skin analysis conducted before the mini facial. Yours truly have gotten these results: Elasticity-A, Moisture-B, Sebum-A, Pigmentation-B and Skin Texture-C. My skin texture was quite bad and it most probably due to I'm using the clarisonic mia twice a day which causing damage on my skin texture. :( So, I'm going to stop using it for maybe a month and see if there's any improvement on my skin texture later on. 

The beautician was very kind and knowledgable in giving me some advice on how to take care and improve of my skin condition. Apart of that, she also showed and sharing with me about Astalift product range and I was super impressed with one of them which also their best selling product - Jelly Aquarysta! 

After done with products introduction, we went on proceed with the mini facial session. I didn't apply any makeup on that day, hence she started with the cleansing gel (moisture-enhancing cleanser gently removes makeup and pore-clogging sebum for mild cleansing) to remove dirt and sunblock lotion that I've applied earlier. Cleansing oil is essential when heavy makeup applied though. It followed by the moisture foam to further cleanse the face for better absorption on toning and moisturising steps. 

Before proceed with toner lotion, she applied the Jelly Aquarysta on my face before proceed with toner lotion. The jelly aquarysta is Astalift's no.1 anti-ageing phenomenon now comes many times more powerful than ever. With the new Astaxanthin formula, enhanced with nano-Lycopene and brimming with the world's smallest (as of May 2010) skin nourishing ceramide particles, your skin enjoys stronger defense against skin-damaging singlet oxygen and free radicals. What's the best about this product? It makes your skin feels supple, moisturised and visibly youthful!

The next step, toner. Well you might see it's quite different than the normal toner where you just use cotton and wipe or dab on your skin. Astalift's toner known as lotion (penetrates deep into skin's corneal later to replenish, condition and firm. Enhances absorption of skincare products that follow). It's easy to apply it, soak your cotton or the tiny mask sheets fully with the lotion liquid and place it nicely on your face. However, do not leave it until it dry out, you only need to apply it for 3minutes and take it off from your face for better result.

It then followed by applying the Astalift's Essence Destiny which penetrates even further, giving your skin renewed power for better firmness. It formulated with high concentrations of nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, highly-permeable Resveratrol, Royal Jelly, skin firming Elastin and Collagen to effectively deliver anti-ageing goodness deep into skin. Last but not least, she proceeded with applying emulsion, eye cream and sunblock lotion on my face before I proceed with the next one - makeover session. 

The makeup artist used the Astalift's cosmetic products for the makeover session - Light analyzing moisture foundation and pressed powder - it feels light on my face and allowed my skin to breathe at the same time. Love how it gives the natural look while covered the blemishes on my face! To end the entire pampering session, both Nicole and I had our photoshoot session courtesy of Fujifilm on that day! We get to choose one of our most favorites pictorial to bring back home. :p 

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