Blackberry Q5 in Malaysia!

Blackberry Q5
Blackberry Malaysia has officially launched the new member in Blackberry family - Blackberry Q5 - on the last 4th July. Three huge giant Blackberry Q5 to welcome the members of media on that night!

Being a Blackberry fan myself, I can't wait to check out more about this new model of Blackberry. Am not sure about you, but I love how fast and convenience in doing the typing especially when you need to reply several emails when you're at outside without your computer or lappy, having the keypad made it easier and fast too. 

Welcome speech by the emcees (Hansen Lee & Niki Cheong)

It was then followed by speeches by Mr. Annamalai Muthu, Blackberry Malaysia Country Director. We get to know more in depth about the new Blackberry Q5 - specs and price. If you're wondering, the Blackberry Q5 is priced at RM1299 only and it supports LTE service too!

There were also Q&A session conducted on that night and Mr. Annamalai Muthu has provide all satisfactory answers to fellow medias too. When it comes to app, Blackberry still lacking on one of the biggest photo sharing platform - Instagram - and we were told that the tech team is working on it and will be bringing Instagram for Blackberry.

There's mini lucky draw session and winner get to bring back one unit of Blackberry Q5! Congrats to Jackie for being one of the first to own Blackberry Q5 on that night! Right after that, all of us get to touch and try out the Blackberry Q5. 

The new Blackberry Q5 is available in three different colours - Black, Pure White and Pure Red. Not only that, it will be available from authorised partners like Maxis, Celcom, TuneTalk and U Mobile too. For more information on Blackberry Q5, please visit

Compare to the Blackberry Q10, this Blackberry Q5 is pretty much affordable to get. Not only that, the browsing speed for Blackberry Q5 is really fast and comparable to other smartphones. I love Blackberry for the fast email system and also the QWERTY keypads that always allow me to type faster in much convenient way. With my current fully touch phone, I hardly reply emails that doesn't seem too important especially when I'm at outside busy with stuff.

Watch the video to meet the new Blackberry Q5! Well, am still thinking if I'm getting myself the Blackberry Q10 or this one. I'm kinda miss my Blackberry Bold 9900. :(

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