Ultimate Spa Party by The Butterfly Projects Malaysia

You know how much I wanted to join this Spa Party and I was one the lucky girls that invited to join this ultimate spa party in town! A word thank you will NEVER enough for people who actually made this happened for REAL because of their effort, leave every girls smile in joy and a dream come true in a day! Of course, without all the kind and generous sponsors, it will not happened too! 

Tres Chic Party Planner has done a great job on decorating the entire place in pink and purple theme! Looking at those balloons up up on the sky ceiling, everything seems so cheerful, the way we love it.

Huge thanks to Posh Nail Spa for allowing us to enjoy our Spa Party here not only for the venue but also the amazing pampering sessions - manicure, pedicure, shoulder massage and facial! And yup, all of us girls were all dressed in bathrobes! It feels like home where all of us girls just having our girly session. 

All the color choices were in pink and purple, ranging from pastel color to bright neon color to dark matte color and spice it up with some glitter nail polishes! Trust me, it's still a headache for me to choose the color as they were all looking so nice and how I wish I have more than 10 fingers to have all the different colors on my nails. >.<

The official ceremony started with lovely song by Ayna with her ukulele. All of us enjoyed it, especially the lyrics! Awesome-pawsome indeed! 

It was then followed by the speech by our mamasan Tammy, the strong woman behind the entire project! It takes strong passions for all these. 

Lemongrass Chicken Slider
Fried Organic Tofu with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
Red Velvet Cupcake
Raspberry Macarons
Seaweed Spicy Tuna on Cucumber Canapes
Tamarind Prawn
Before we continue with another treatment, we opt to enjoy the yummylicious foods that prepared by Good Friends Cafe! Love love love the macarons and red velvet cupcake! 

Thanks to Aspen Spa for the relaxing shoulder massage. It was a short session but it works on loosen up myself. Not to forget about their mini facial session for us girls on that day too! The masseuse and beautician were all being so sweet to all of us, arranging our session by session and let us enjoy lemongrass tea before massage and ginger tea after massage. 

Our next stop was at the DIY Station where we get to learn how to do our own bath salts from Ayna! The ingredients needed - salts, food coloring, dried lemongrass leaf and essential oil! I've never thought it was as easy as ABC! Spot mine! 
  • Pour the salts into a bowl
  • Mix with food coloring
  • 1-2 drops of essential/aromatherapy oil
  • Mix everything together with the lemongrass leaf
  • Place it into a container

Photo Credit: XueRen
Not only about pampering treatments but we were also given a glimpse on Pink N Proper Prom Collection which will be launching soon! All the dresses showcased by the girls were really gorgeous! Oh wait, this picture of Xue Ren also won as one of the 2 Best Instagram Pictures featured Pink N Proper! 

Both Li Chuen and I tried out some of the dresses by Pink N Proper and sweet Vivien picked one that she thinks suit us best! I was so in love with this pink dress and ended up bringing it back with me! *yeay* Not only that, this picture also won as another Best Instagram Picture featuring Pink N Proper too!

What is party without camwhoring session?! *LOL* Big thanks to Fotobox for setting up a photo booth for us girls enjoy our sweet-funny-girly-silly camwhoring session during the spa party! We love that we can keep the hard copy and also soft copy, that's how memories created. :'D

Next favorite station - Mask Station by TT Mask Malaysia! TT Mask has been one of my most favorite brands for mask after tried them out here! Suanne allowed us to know more about which mask would be suitable for our skin types and it was another great opportunity to know how awesome the masks are.

There's also huge Havaianas flip flop there too! And of course, thank you Havaianas Malaysia for the gold color Havaianas slim flip flop and I get to wear it during the spa party too! *wohoo*

Look at those prizes awaiting all of us here! Oh before I forget, we were all given a jar of Peppermint Foot Soak by The Body Shop! Some of them get to bring home the entire set of 1 year supply from Johnson Body Care Malaysia and some prizes prepared by OnlyBeauty.com.my!

CONGRATS to Arisa for being the next top model for Pink N Proper! *throw confetti* 

Photo credit: Swee San
Photo credit: Swee San
Both Xue Ren and I won the Best Instagram Pictures featuring Pink N Proper! *yay*

Photo credit: Swee San
Photo credit: Swee San
Photo credit: Swee San
CONGRATS to the 3 girls (Audrey, Alice and Jeniffer) who won 3 best dressed for the spa party! Bathrobes can be pretty and sexy too! :P 

There's few lucky draw session conducted on that day too! And yours truly being one of the lucky winner too! I've won myself voucher for Eyelash Extension at Posh Nail Spa and I was quite excited to try it on! Seems like most of us bring back few prizes! ^^

We also had a short briefing session by Posh Nail Spa that would like to announce their new outlet opening at Bukit Jelutong which also cater to fellow Muslim friends. Apart of that, we get to know that the special made foot scrub used in Posh Nail Spa with the water lily extract which helps in moisten our skin without letting it dry after the whole foot scrub session during pedicure. 

Tammy's homemade lip scrubs were on sale too! I've got each flavours as the strawberry one for Nicole and the Hershey's chocolate lip scrub for me! I've tried and currently using it, in love with it and getting more to give mommy and sister! ^^ The goodie bag that given to us before we stepped out from Posh Nail Spa kinda surprised me! Onlybeauty.com.my really being generous for letting us girls to bring back wholesome of goodies to try and stay pretty all the time! 

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