Facial Treatment @ Facework Esthetic, Dataran Sunway Mentari

I always have a love-hate relationship with facial treatment, love for the result and hate for the 2-hours long treatment. I guess the love is more than hate as I still love and enjoy the facial treatment especially when I get dozed off during the treatment. :p 

Yours truly was invited to go a facial treatment at Facework Esthetic at Dataran Sunway Mentari and it was my first time heard of this salon. Frankly, I was quite reluctant but knowing that they going to check and analyze my skin before choosing the right treatment for me, I gave it a yes. 

They uses two skincare brands for their facial treatment and to know that Cellact is one of it, it relieved me. I know Cellact skincare did a wonderful job on my acne facial treatment previously, she also told me that she's going to mix up 2 brands to achieve better result in cleansing my face and also calm my acne prone skin after completed the skin analysis procedure.

There are few types of treatment room available and I was brought to this spacious room to proceed with my facial treatment. Whether you're a VIP or not, you will still be treated nicely from the room temperature (if it is too cold for you) to your comfortable lay down on the bed to pampering your skin during the treatment. You also have a choice whether to include extraction during your facial treatment, as much as I dislike the pain during the extraction process, I feel the entire treatment would be incomplete without extraction process. :p It surprised me when the entire extraction process not as painful as I expected, except for certain areas. 

So, here's my deep cleansed naked skin looked like after the facial treatment. No more unclogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads have been removed, skin are more hydrated and it feels so good that my skin could breathe in much proper way! I have had really great time chit chatting with the beautician while enjoying my facial treatment, she has been really kind and great in giving some beauty skincare tips. After all, you need to know your skin better in order to treat them properly. 

There's also VIP treatment room with bathroom attached for your convenience and privacy. Just so you know that, Facework Esthetic also provide below services:-
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Non-invasive esthetic treatment
  • Invasive esthetic treatment
  • Body contour treatment
  • Scar smoothing treatment
  • Anti-aging placenta with stem cell treatment
  • Whitening and collagen booster
  • DNA reprogram system (T8)

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