3 Years of Love

Eric x Caroline
It was 2010 and now 2013, today marked the 3rd anniversary for our relationship. Don't ask me when we're getting married, I'm tired of answering this question over and over again. Just leave us be in our own way for now. Both of us still have our own dreams to pursue and there's no rush for marriage. Some of you may say that I'm not ready to settle down yet, but am only 24 years old this year and it's up to me when I want to get married, kay? 

There's ups and downs throughout the whole journey but glad that we have each other whenever we facing difficulties in life. So, what makes me feel I'm one of the luckiest girl in the world?
  • He never force me to get a driving license even though he knew he has to be the one to fetch me everywhere. I have my own reason not to get one, ask me if you want to know and stop judging people. 
  • He never stopped me from moving towards pursuing something that I really want to be, but support me and telling me never give up easily on thing. 
  • He never get tired to answer all my silly questions! Like, all the time.
  • He said NO but still getting it for me! :p (shopping)
  • He accepted me as how I am. E.g. Me being too skinny (._.)
Okay, there's a lot of things that he had done for me and most importantly he always give the best for me! I am happy that way~

Happy 3rd anniversary, love! ^^