Stay Youthful with VanityTrove July Edition!

I have been loving VanityTrove beauty trove month by month seeing how they improved their monthly trove for all their beauty subscribers to enjoy every month. Yours truly was surprised with yet another beauty trove from VanityTrove earlier this month and found out that it was rather different from all the previous beauty troves!

The July edition of beauty trove featuring the full skincare range of Infinity by KOSÉ instead of the mixed beauty products. It is all about stay young and youthful with the limited edition KOSÉ x VanityTrove for this month. Let's check out what are the products and skincare regime!

I always begin my skincare regime by deep cleansing myself with cleansing gel because cleansing milk somehow rather oily and caused breakouts on my skin. That's the reason I was quite happy to see this product in the trove. The unique gel formula spreads smoothly on your skin and turns into oil swiftly. It is effectively removes makeup and dirt from your face and unblocking your pores for smoother and brighter skin. All you to do is massage a cherry-size of Oil Cleansing Gel on your face and neck, then rinse thoroughly with water. 

Full size item: RM119 for 120g

Next, follow up with the luxurious texture of meringue-like bubbles of the Clear Up Wash to remove any excess makeup and sebum from your skin, leaving behind clearer skin and smaller pores. Wet your palms and dispense an appropriate amount to create a generous lather. Then massage gently over face and rinse with water thoroughly with water. 

Full size item: RM99 for 120g

After done with cleansing, I always feel that my skin finally can breathe properly! :p Next, pour the ESSENCE Lotion II onto a piece of cotton or the palm of your hands and gently pat into your skin after cleansing. It contains natural essences to rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up tired skin, this moist lotion will also reduce the visibility of open pores that caused by dryness.

Full size item: RM169 for 160ml

Just so you know that rough skin texture is caused by dryness and water-oil imbalance in your skin. The Serum II will adjusts the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin and upon application, your skin appear soft, fluffy and pore-less. All you need to do is dispense an appropriate amount onto your palms and massage it gently into your skin.

Full size item: RM169 for 120ml

Never ever neglect your eyes area! The skin around our eyes requires extra delicate care and it's one of the first areas where signs of ageing appear. You could instantly replenish moisture around the eyes, creating eyes that radiate with a vibrant impression with this Eye Jelly. Squeeze a small amount of jelly onto the tip of your ring finger and gently pat around the skin of your eyes for almost instantaneous results.

Full size item: RM180 for 20g

Last but not least, always ensure myself to apply sunscreen 30minutes before heading out! With the highest level of SPF/PA protection - SPF50+/PA++++, DEEP PROTECTION UV powerfully guards skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The emulsion-like formula protects the skin's translucency and firmness, making fine wrinkles less visible. It also creates a strong even film for smoother and moisturised skin with its highly adhesive base that spreads smoothly over the skin.

Full size item: RM118 for 30g

As usual, VanityTrove always includes voucher for us girls to get certain product for FREE when we purchase some products. 

Guess what? VanityTrove is now allow you to CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED TROVE of up to 8 beauty samples for RM50! Make sure you have completed your beauty profile to reveal your unique products needs and proceed with 3 simple steps below:-
  1. Choose up to 8 items
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  3. Start discovering what's best in beauty for you
If you haven't be part of the beauty subsribers of VanityTrove yet, you can do it now by log on to and get your very first personalised beauty trove!

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