Shopping for Havaianas Flip Flops!

Still remember my post about I want to win a pair of Havaianas flip flop? Yours truly has won one pair! *big yay* Le grumpy boyfie also need not to worry that I need to fork out over hundred bucks to get that pair of porsche of all flip flop! 

The moment I received the email sent by The Butterfly Project Malaysia stated that I was one of the lucky 20 who won a pair of Havaianas flip flop, I just can't wait to go and redeem it right away. Too bad that I need to wait till the weekend so that Eric is free to take me to Pavillion KL. :( 

After done with verification process, I was informed that I could choose any color that I love for a pair of Havaianas Slim flip flop! I was in love with the white color but there's no more size for me. :( 

There's only left gold, silver and pink color that available for me to choose. *sobs* I love the bright pink color and quite in love with goldish color and they suited my skin color well too!

So, which color that I took away with me? :p I'll show you in my next post! Or maybe some of you who're on my facebook have seen it! Thank you Havaianas Malaysia for being generous and allowed me to own a pair of comfy Havaianas flip flop! <3

Oh wait! If you're on twitter, make sure that you have followed @MYHavaianas  and join the contest to win yourself this exclusive and limited edition pair of Havaianas! All you need to do is Retweet the post and Tag @MYHavaianas with "I'm a size__and I <3 Havaianas! Here's to the next 50 years of fun fashion"! Easy-peasy 2 steps and you stand a chance to win them! 

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