FREE Celcom PortaWiFi For Raya!

Guess what? I was at the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza earlier today and got this cool pleasant surprise from Celcom! I mean, who would expect for it especially when we know we have to pay whenever we pass by any tolls? 

I received a flyer offering a FREE PortaWiFi device by Celcom! I was wondering whether it is true or not and if I should really believe it. Is Celcom really being that generous for this Raya huh? 

The flyer stated that Celcom is giving out 500 PortaWiFi devices! Alright I am so going to redeem my PortaWiFi later on! What about you? Just lookout when you drive up to pay your toll and you'll get this kind of surprise too! I shall keep you posted once I have redeemed my PortaWifi devices! 

**This is a sponsored post.