Bloop LV Lip Gloss - #215

Still remember about the candy makeover party with Bloop and HiShop in my previous post? All of us were given each Bloop Lip Gloss to try on and here's my take on this lip gloss! 

    The 3 highlights of this Bloop LV Lip Gloss:-
    • It gives an attractive shimmer colour on your lips.
    • It gives a natural soft look to your lips and easy to apply.
    • Non oily and moisturise your lips too. 

    Yours truly were given this hot pink Bloop LV Lip Gloss in 215 shade. As much as I love pink, I rarely put on any hot pink colour as to me, it's way too bright to suit me or maybe it's just the previous me not daring enough to play with colour. 

    Look at the swatch on my hand, it seems like not blend well enough as I could see the transparent part while the colour part sticking together. Though I have to say I love the shimmers glossy effect of this. 

    I have to say that it does give that shimmer colour effect, a mild one. I like it for it's non oily and moisturise my lip indeed. If you don't wish to have oily lip gloss on your lips, this would be one of the great choice! If you purchase Bloop's products online through, just type in TRYUSNOW to receive RM20 rebates (with the minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31st August 2013)

    How much?
    - RM28
    Where to buy?
    - Bloop counter / 

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