OOTD: #FSGirls

Happy Monday loves! Still feeling the blues? Why not dress yourself up as one of the #FSGirls around? What's FS is all about? FABSPY = FS or you can just read it HERE
FABSPY at Markets @ Jaya One
Believe it or not, there's only ONE main reason for me to visit Markets @ Jaya One and the only reason was to visit FABSPY booth. Eric knew how much I've been "obsessed" with FABSPY and knowing how I love to shop on FABSPY, it's a yes to bring me over there. 

Love the lace details
This time, FABSPY had a bigger space and showcased more items on that day. They have on-sale collections, pre-released collections, etc. What's the best part? We can shop and get our favorite FABSPY apparels right away! 

Because sneak peek online was too mainstream, they did it in their own way. You'll get to see it and buy it. I got myself one of the pre-released batch which I will be showing off later on maybe? (○゜ε^○)

Hanie & Caroline
Caroline & Juinn
I also met the two ultimate FSGirls - Hanie & Juinn! Both of them in FABSPY's new collection - Wellborn! Oh wait, yours truly was wearing Glitter Sheer Midi Skirt by FABSPY on that day too! That was a gift from FABSPY and ended up to be one of my favorite pieces from them too! (●´∀`●)

I wore it another day during one of the company's outing and holy crap! I can kick the bad guy colleague off freely even in this skirt! Versatile indeed.  ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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