My ACPURIS Journey: The Result

Hey lovelies! Still remember my journey with ACPURIS posts? I hope you can forget that ugly duckling that I've posted in my first post. As I mentioned in my second post, I actually can see quite visible difference on my face after two weeks! (^v^)

I also shared how it back to the previous worst condition during the third week due to my menstrual cycle in my third post. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

ACPURIS Intensive Spot Treatment has impressed me how it actually made my life easier during the menstrual cycle period! It calmed all the pimples that popped up like crazy within 3 days which really amazing! It's like a magic liquid! \(>o<)

I've snapped a set of similar angle pictures of my face in order for you to compare with the BEFORE photo. As you can see, my face seemed much cleaner and less visible pimple scars too. I still remember how reluctant and worried when I was introduced to ACPURIS as it may not work or might worsen my skin too. But... With this kind of result, HOW to not happy with ACPURIS?!  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

P/S: If you're the same as me who having super sensitive and acne prone skin type, do give a try to ACPURIS.