A Tour in Lost World Of Tambun @ Ipoh, Perak

So, am back with my mini adventure to Ipoh with The Butterfly Project Malaysia! As mentioned in my previous post on Lost World Of Tambun, we took the ETS train ride to Ipoh. I still remember the hot sunny and glaring sun that we had to endure upon arriving Lost World Of Tambun! 

The Lost World Of Tambun, Malaysia's premiere adventure theme park, made of SEVEN main elements which are the Water Park, the Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, the Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo, the Lost World Tin Valley and Lost World Team Building Park.

Ticket Price
  • Adult - RM48 nett per person
  • Children - RM41 nett per person
  • Child below 90cm in height - Free of Charge
  • Group package is available with minimum of 30 persons - advance booking required.

We were brought to the Kepura Cave to have our lunch and I thought it was really cool! It was my very virgin experience to dine in the cave and the meal that they have prepared for us were simply delicious. 

I was being silly thinking what if the whole thing falls down while we having our lunch there. Alright, let's just leave me and my imagination alone in here. <( ̄︶ ̄)> 

Uni & Caroline
After the tummy-fillings lunch, we were brought for a short tour to visit the Lost World Petting Zoo. We hopped onto the train and ready for an awesome and exciting tour, read on and you'll know why is it so fun!  ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

Jean & Lisa on the train
We passed by a few places and get to know more about the whole theme park. The 660m length Adventure River in the Water Park is Asia's longest river ride and the first in Malaysia with wave effects! ( ꒪Π”꒪)γƒŽ

Tiger Valley
The Tiger Valley, where you can watch the tigers roar, play and feed whilst learning more about the Lost World of Tambun's very own Siberian tigers - Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian! You can also learn a little bit about how the tigers are cared for through the valley's educational program where you will be able to get close and personal with one of these exquisite tigers. Tiger feeding shows are something that you can't miss on here!  \(^ ^)/

Swan Lake
Petting Zoo
The Petting Zoo area is set within a large area of 100,00sf framed by the lush rainforest backdrop of the Monkey Valley features a large variety of exotic animals in an environment created as close to nature as possible and apart from being a fun activity that families can do together, it also serves as a nature education platform for schools and tourists.

Do take note on the animal feeding shows as public are allowed to touch, feel, feed and play with the animals; giving those looking for a more personal encounter and a closer perspective. This is totally fun heh? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Ruby the raccoon
Nia the Python
We had a great time trying to feed Ruby the raccoon though she seemed a lil shy, perhaps due to the huge crowds too. I have never ever expect we can be so close with the animals here and there's more!

I can't help but fascinated by the various type of birds in this petting zoo, they are gorgeous and colorful! Those birds seemed to know that you're taking their photo and posed nicely for the camera.  \(*T▽T*)

Feeding time!

Look at all the birds gathering in one place waiting for their food! I was worried if one of them came to me and attack or peck me but no, the birds were all being friendly to us! 

Look at that happy face when the bird decided to stop on her head while waiting to be fed. You'd be surprised the bird stop on your arm the moment you lift out your arm! A huge peacock stopped on Choulyin's arm and that kinda freaked me out. ∑(O_O;)

Gorgeous white peacock
I bet one can never get enough feeding and playing with the birds. Too bad we could not stay too long at one place and had to move on to another area as the petting zoo is really huge! 

Look at that worry face of mine
Let me go >.<
I'm a snake and I afraid of snakes. How silly is that? Alright am not a snake but my zodiac. I dare not to put it on my neck as much as I wish I have the courage to do so. 

Brave Laura!
Most of the girls went up and let the snake to "cuddle" them on neck and took a sweet photo. Laura, one of the bravest girls in the group! \(>o<)γƒŽ

This little bird is naughty! Never ever praise him cute as the next minute after that, you won't know if you're the next victim to get pecked from him! *LOL* Some of us wanted to say hi and ended up get pecked on the fingers, I wish I can assume that means hello from this little cute bird. (*~▽~)

All of us enjoyed chit-chatting with the friendliest parrots in the zoo! Saying hello with gesture, that's my first time to see it! 

Tortoise Kingdom
Shy tortoise?

There's Tortoise Kingdom in petting zoo too! You can expect to see various types of tortoises in this area and some were really cute! Not the huge one, it looks fierce to me! >.<

The waterfalls
Feeding the African Dawrf Goat
River fishing
Guinea pig
So many animals that I could not remember all of them! To put all the photos in one post sounds crazy to me too! After done exploring at the Petting Zoo, we hopped onto the train again and went for another tour to other areas. We passed by the Lost World Team Building Park that features various team building activities such as 13 High Rope Course, Leap of Faith aka Para Jump, Wild Woosey, Via Feratta with Natural Abseil and Zip Line! They are all sounds scary to me. (u_u)

Our last stop before our tea break was the Lost World Tin Valley. The Tin Valley was created in Lost World of Tambun to take the guest back to the past, a time where "dulang washer" persistently works panning by the rivers to feed their family. 

The uncle did the demonstration before all of us could join him to do the tin mining together. It may seem easy but it's actually not. (╥﹏╥) 

Tin mining

The girls joined the uncle do the tin mining together under the super hot sun! Oh my, I can hardly stand any longer under the hot sun at that time. I ended up joined the rest of the girls taking pictures while ride on the elephant! :p 

Back to the Water Park, you can find a perfectly landscaped beach, surrounded by 20ft twin waterfalls with two rivers flowing into the pool at the River & Beach Garden. While you're at the Waterfall Beach Garden, make sure you hit the waves in Malaysia's biggest wave pool, where waves can swell up to 3ft high, at the Jungle Wave Bay! Kids also can enjoy themselves at the Explorabay that boasts special smaller slides and a large, wet, interactive play area with giant tipping buckets, water cannons, spraying elephants, water curtains and fountains. There's much more to explore in the Water Park which you should come and experience it yourself!
Guess what? After the tea break, we were then divided into few little groups and compete with each other to win the treasure hunt game! I'm glad I was in such awesome group with awesome team members! Our group didn't win but it was definitely one of the best games I've ever had! We also get to know more little details about every park in the Lost World Of Tambun theme park. 

Oh! Do you know that there's 7 wonders of the amazing land of Tambun? Here's one of the wonders -The Needle of Tambun. The Needle of Tambun is also known as "Pencil Hill" rises vertically from the ground at the southern end of the Lost World. It is a unique limestone pinnacle that was miraculously preserved while the surrounding limestone dissolved several thousands of years ago. The key to its preservation as a pinnacle of 8-meter high is the fact that the hard limestone beds or strata are in vertical position, allowing it to stay balanced and defy gravity.