Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge!

It was one of the great sunny day and we've to look out for this huge tent of Nestle Drumstick! I remember it was still early and we didn't know what we've to expect from this game. The only hint given to us - You'll get wet. 

It wasn't long to have crowds started to pack the entire place. You can see foreigners were there while waiting for Sunway Lagoon to be opened. One of them entered the huge tent and came out with slimy and almost entire body was wet! Geez! ⊙︿⊙

At that time only found out that we're going to join the Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge games! As you can see, there's prizes worth up to RM100,000 to be won! Now we're going to see what it takes to win that prize!

FREE Nestle Drumsticks on that day. All you need to do is show your downloaded LINE messenger apps on your smartphone and you can grab one. It's really perfect to have one especially during that hot sunny day. 

Everyone started to wonder what's inside this door. Will it be that scary? What we have to do inside? 

The moment the emcee started to call us names by name and you could see your friends came out one by one with either powdery flour or wet or slimy or altogether. When Cik Lily told me that she got punched inside and it was really dark, I kinda freaked out! 

Look at that worried face of me. OK, I was really worried as one main thing, I'm afraid of the dark. Secondly, I'm already too skinny to get all the punches? LOL ( TДT)

Trying to smile face

I was told to grab the Nestle Drumstick and come out within 5 seconds in order to win cash worth RM50 and also Sunway Lagoon entry ticket for all parks! At that time, I wished Eric can be the one to replace me which it never happened.  ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Ohmy! It was so easy to enter and I had to struggle hard to come out! All you need to do is run inside to the fridge and grab one Nestle Drumstick and prepare to come out. You only have 5 seconds to come out and be prepared to get all the surprise punches, pouring water and slimy syrup while you on your way to the exit! Geez! I actually screamed inside and asked them to stop pouring and punching, just let me go out!! HAHAHAHA! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I didn't make it for 5 seconds but 7 seconds. I got myself free Nestle Drumstick ice cream and also entry ticket for Sunway Lagoon, which is still not bad! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

I have gone through the Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge! Now, who's up for it? You can challenge yourself throughout Sept 30 - Nov 10 2013! Good luck!