IMEDEEN® Classic Skincare Tablet

Still remember my post about the introduction of the IMEDEEN® Classic for your inner beauty? 3 months have finally passed and I have finally finished the last box of the IMEDEEN® Classic skincare tablet! (●´∀`●)

As mentioned in my previous post about IMEDEEN® Classic, this skincare tablet offers internal skincare that works below the surface of the skin, from within, to help create smooth, supple and beautiful skin. Sounded really great! My sensitive skin actually reacted to it during the first month of consuming IMEDEEN® Classic, my skin tends to get oily within a short period of time and pimples started to pop out like crazy. It certainly made me think of that I should stop taking the tablet or it might just make it worse. 

I didn't stop but decided to continue with 2 tablets per day. I was glad that my skin back to normal during the second month of taking the IMEDEEN® Classic skincare tablet. There's no visible difference on my face but I believe that it does improve my skin texture after gone through skin analysis and the dry areas on my face weren't as dry as previous condition. The brown spot and redness on my skin has reduced a lot and pretty much a great result as shown during the skin analysis too!  ヽ(^。^)丿