Gerai Makanan Japanese BBQ @ Taman Desa

Eric has been telling me about this Japanese BBQ in Taman Desa but never had the chance till the last month when both of us on our way back from KL to Subang Jaya. I had my dinner earlier and thought of going here for supper since it's just a BBQ thingy. I guessed no harm trying it out since there's good reviews on too! 

No, it's not a fancy air-conditioned restaurant but open air, thank God it wasn't that warm at night which cozy enough for you to enjoy your foods. You'd surprised with the number of crowds during the dinner time.

Again, there's no fancy menu but a simple and long list of menu that available for you enjoy. Since there's only the both of us, we only ordered 2 plates of Pork Belly, a plate of Lamb Shoulder, one Prawn Foil Yaki, Edamame beans and two glasses of green tea. Looking at the price, it was slightly pricey to me. ヾ(´A`)ノ゚

We were served with a jar of green tea with two glasses whilst the waiter preparing the fire for us to start BBQ raw meats. 

Lamb Shoulder
Pork Belly
Prawn Foil Yaki

For the Prawn Foil Yaki, the waiter informed us to BBQ it for 15-20 minutes and good to go. Eric was quite hungry since he hasn't taken his dinner yet, too bad that it took quite some time to cook all the meats before he can enjoy them. 

The dipping sauce provided tasted really great! It's like a magic sauce that enhance the taste of everything that have been dipped into it. I wish I knew what ingredients used to prepare this sauce. 

I enjoyed munching on these edamame beans whilst Eric BBQ-ing all the meats. *cough* It's not that I'm not helping but he didn't allow me to do it since am already certified failed chef which is not something am proud with. ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

Overall, it was a good experience and would not mind to revisit here again. There will be no more annoying "Where To Eat?" and "What To Eat" question with! It's also available on both Google Play and iOS, a very convenient apps that can help you to decide what to eat or where to eat! Watcha waiting for? Search HungryGoWhere Malaysia on Google Play or App Store to download!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ