Dulang Tea House @ Lost World Of Tambun

Have you ever wondered the experience to dine in the cave? I think what made Lost World Of Tambun more interesting also due to they are bringing their guest back to good old times where tin miners get together to enjoy the simple yet satisfying meal for tea break. 

We were brought to the Dulang Tea House for our tea break to pump up our energy before going for the treasure hunt. Everything at here were prepared in the traditional way, simply unique. 

Boil water in kettle, not electric kettle
Telur Ayam Kampung
Half boiled eggs
Roti Bakar (toasted bread)
Biskut Lutut
It was really a simple but delightful tea break for all of us. We really loved how delicious the half boiled egg tasted, soft fluffy toasted bread and crispy crunchy Biskut Lutut. 

Roasted Rice Tea
We also ordered the Roasted Rice Tea and it was surprisingly refreshing and no, it doesn't taste like the Korean corn tea. It has a really unique and special taste. 

Simple menu
There's no fancy but simple menu placed on each table. Price wise, I think they are really quite cheap and reasonable! Do make sure you enjoy your high tea at Dulang Tea House if you're at Lost World Of Tambun theme park