Blackmores Concept Store @ Midvalley

I didn't get any proper rest since the last Saturday. Let's see... I woke up at 730am every single day till the Sunday and it's either for the company's outing or meeting (Taipei colleagues came down to Malaysia) or events going on. That explained my lack of proper rest until today. After the event in the morning and done with a workout session in the gym, I felt asleep very quickly and that turned my napping into sleeping for hours before the dinner. Then... I saw this box of Blackmores supplements!

That's remind me of pampering session that I enjoyed last week. Guess what? You're now can get your Blackmores supplements at Blackmores FIRST ever concept store in Midvalley! Yours truly was one of the lucky bloggers selected to join the experiential journey through naturopathy.  (*´∀`*)

Blackmores was founded on Naturopathic principles by the visionary Maurice Blackmore, who firmly believed in the health-giving properties of the various herbs and minerals afforded by nature. By combining scientific evidence and years of expert traditional knowledge, Blackmores is today known across the globe for its natural-based nutritional supplements, as well as its holistic approach to healthcare in helping people live happier and healthier lives.

After a short tour in Blackmore concept store, we were brought to a secret hidden place where all the pampering stations were set up just for us. There's food section, caricature station, massage station and also consultation station. I started with caricature drawing station and get myself drawn by another caricaturist! I always enjoyed being drawn by different people, it feels like another photo of mine has been captured yet in such artsy-fartsy way.  (´∀`)♡

What's next? Massage station by Thai Odyssey. The Thai masseuse being really friendly and lovely to all of us. The masseuse also asked the level of massage pressure before begins with the head and shoulder massage. It wasn't a surprise when she told me all my muscles are tense up and that's why I felt the pain and sore on my neck part during the massage session. Thankfully, I felt better after the massage!

Next would be the consultation session with Blackmores where we can have a personalized, one-on-one naturopathy consultation session. Just so you know that Naturopathy is a philosophy of life and approach to living a lifestyle as close to nature as possible. It is also known as a system that focuses on building health and promoting the body's natural self-healing process via holistic health education.

Being someone who has a weak immune system, I've been always freaked out and afraid of every single consultation that related to my health. During the consultation, a questionnaire was used to gather participants' symptoms, lifestyle habits and medical history to assess their health. Alyssa also did an iris analysis (Iridology) on me. I thought that was quite amazing how my eyes actually can tells the strength and weaknesses of my health. (´⊙ω⊙`)!

Believe it or not, the colored portion of the eye tells a story about the person, revealing if there are health issues present, if more than one organ is involved, or if other elements exist including those from the emotional and/or mental aspects. Iridology can even go as far as outlining a person's personality. 

"Do you think you're an emotional person?" The first question from Alyssa that kind of surprised me as it's true. The more she goes on and telling me that I tend to get nervous and worry over things very easily till the part she mentioned that am going to have the tendency of getting depressed. I was totally freaked out. Besides that, she also mentioned that I have a very sensitive stomach and that explains on my unwell tummy all the times. Lactose intolerant, yes she knew that too. I was really surprised how a simple Iridology can reveal almost everything from the health and my personality. After all the analysis was done, she consulted and suggested few supplements that I should start taking it daily to improve my current health condition. Alyssa also recommended good dietary habits that suit my current condition such as using oatmeal instead of milk, adding protein drink into my fruit juice, etc. That's certainly a huge relief for me! \(*T▽T*)

Bio Magnesium Plus | NutriMilti | Acidophilus

The new Concept Store aims to provide added value health services to consumers, by providing first and foremost what the company was founded on - naturopathic consultation. An in-depth 40-minute consultation with a Blackmores naturopath is priced at RM100, which is redeemable against Blackmores products at the Concept Store. Aside from that, the store will feature Blackmores' wide range of natural vitamins and supplements that cover various aspects of health care. Trained and qualified naturopath consultants will be on hand to make it easier for consumers to select the products most suited for them. The consultants will also provide an in-depth assessment of each individual's needs by reviewing their diet and lifestyle patterns.  (︶ω︶)