1st of May = Labor Day = Holiday = May's Fool Day!

I know most of you are happy for this holiday, so do I.
It is meant a lot for me actually as I am normally have to go work on Saturday. :)
I am glad for having this one day holiday for me to rest myself from those pressure.
I just realized it is actually not really a good day to me.
Thanks sister for this May's Fool Day.

How I wish I can write it out all at here but yea I can't. :(
Again. I know some of you may started to know me well, and some are not.
But only if you know me, you'll know that's just not true.
What is written down may not same as what you thought.
But seems like those people who actually close to me the one who don't believe me.
I felt like kind of frustrated yet what I can do?
I can't blame them for this too.


My expectation in having relationship is simple.
Trust + Faithful + Care = LOVE.
I don't expect much, though I set the expectation as above, but I am actually prefer to let it be in natural way in real. :)
Maybe its due to am tired or what ever the reason is, therefore I don't really put much attention on it.
After all, I demand for commitment in relationship! :p
Though I know its may sounds funny for such a young girl like me to talk about it. :p
I don't mind if you want to say me being such naive girl or what, its just me. :)
You don't know me, so I guess better just let me be. :)
Another thing I have to say at here, I am trauma with businessman! LOL!

Just now I am mad like hell, just like the volcano almost explode.
I am really sorry for letting off my anger to some of you today! I know I am bad. :(
Forgive me yea. :)
Am glad for having you guys around me. :)




  1. chop!! am i first again?? :p

  2. nothing special to me about today, because i don't work on saturdays one.. i hate public holidays on saturdays actually.. can't it be one day before or after??

  3. everyone has their own perception and expectation and the way they handle relationship.. i think as long as both are happy and can work out things together, then it's already a good relationship.. always expect ups and downs and hiccups, this is life, it's never perfect..

  4. oh, what happened?? may's fool day?? must be something that make you so frustrated that you throw your anger today..

  5. first girl.. i wanna say.. i dun like businessman too.. they are worse than lawyers.. or maybe.. same league.. but then.. one day.. when u r older.. u might end up marrying one, coz, we always end up marrying something/someone that we dun like when we were younger.. lol.. :P

  6. anyway, it's already over lah, don't let little things spoilt the relationship between you and your sister.. there's no overnight hatred ok?? :)

  7. anyway, when you come to different age and different stages of life, you'll have different thinking and paradigm.. you might have trauma with businessman now, but who knows your future husband could be one.. hehe :p

  8. waaaaaaaaaaah SK you're terribly fast haha

  9. the reason why i love Labor's day is because it's holiday.. especially now that May 3 was declared as official non working holiday..

  10. meaning to say... it's a 3 days holiday woohoo!!

  11. i really agree with what you say about relationship... trust, faithful, care and love really play a very important role in any relationship..

  12. a relationship always follows by commitment... those who want to be in a relation but afraid to take the commitments are cowards ...

  13. ... but those who take it easy and never dare to enter any relationship until they are prepared enough to take the commitments are very responsible and gentlemen

  14. no nothing to worry abvout expressing your anger.. that is what blog is for... and we're always here to support you!

  15. Where did you guys learn the karate chop? Everyone seems to be chopping so fast & furious. Can do chicken chop ah? hehe Haro April foOl is more than enuf dunwan another May fool haha tQ.

  16. @[SK]: Haha! yup! u chopped 1st. :) lol so gud no work on saturdays! eh me monday oso still holiday ah. :p

    well yea damn frustrated. :( got one person kena damn cham! haha sory to him. lol

    no worry, my sis n i still ok. :) wont quarrel for long one. hehe sisters worr! :D

    yup yup. NEVER perfect! :/ choi! u cursing me ah now? haha

  17. @Merryn: haha! kalah dy u. :p

    Trying to tell me just like u n ur darling William is it?? hmmm?? hehe.. :p

  18. @Bluedreamer27: yes SK damn fast! lol. haha me too holiday on monday. :p

    hhehe yea agree with u. :) again thnkx! :D

  19. @Bananaz: ROFLMAO! chicken chop so nice!! haha. *die* i cannot face another fool day dy.

  20. Trauma with businessman? Ooi! They're rich, yunno. Wanna have a real good life, grab one! LOL!!!

  21. Your expectations in a relationship are just reasonable. If they can't commit, then what's the relationship for, right?

    Bdw, thanks for visiting my blog. :D

  22. @suituapui: ROFLMAO! i dnt wan life like dat la. if i got someone i love n he love me, n if he's really a businessman then i will take it as bonus lor. but if can avoid, i will try my best to avoid. :)

  23. @Gee: yea when look at it, its reasonable yet thats the hardest thing to do. :( nowadays ppl dnt really put commitment on it.

    hehe saw ur hi in my chatbox. :) btw, ur blog quite interesting. :)

  24. You are in a relationship right? You have found your Mr. Right! :D

  25. May you find the man the white knight on white horse.. :) yes, the way u wrote, macam sudah ada.. :p