My Sunday with Granny! :D

Its Monday today and yes I am always loving Monday!
I had a great day today. :) 
But am not going to blog about today as am going to blog about my yesterday which is my Sunday. =)

As usual, woke up early for church and am usually will continue my nap when back from church. :p
However, I cannot enjoy my nap as I still have lotsa work to do, my accounts job. :/
You know, all the brothers went out for movies and datings and only left dad,mom,me,sis flo,bro gilbert and sis Haylie. Dad then say how about we go visit granny?
I am so damn happy to hear that! It has been quite a long time since I last visit granny. :(
I am totally forgot about my workload and just put it aside and ready to go. haha.

We went to bakery shop to buy granny's favorite cakes and buns for her. :)
It's quite far from the place we're staying but we were all excited and can't wait to meet granny! :D

29215_1401644393495_1003879649_1218.gif picture by Kawaiirol

Candid shot of sis Haylie. :)

29215_1401660033886_1003879649_1218.gif picture by Kawaiirol

Lil bro Gilbert and Lil sis Haylie.
I tell you... am jealous with them for their dimples! XD

We enjoy chit-chatting along the way to granny's house. :)
We were greeted with hugs by granny when we reached there. :p
Oh daddy's brother also come along. :)
It just like a family gathering. :3

29080_1401662273942_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Granny with sis Haylie.
Haylie look tired and actually that time was her sleeping time. lol
Well she managed to get nice short nap at there. :)

One of the reason I love to go there is because I can eat maggie mee without hearing parents lectures. :/
Granny say can then SURE CAN! Lol! :p
While the adults having conversation in the living room, we went into kitchen and sis Flo cooked maggie mee for us. :p

29080_1401662513948_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

waiting for sis Flo finish cook. :p
Am I bad for asking my sister to cook?? lol

29215_1401660753904_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

enjoying my maggie!
Don't be surprise with why I am loving this, I am hardly can eat it if at home. :(
Sometimes its like once per 2 months only.

29080_1401663153964_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Sis Flo surfing net and facebook-ing.

29080_1401663273967_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Bro Gilbert with granny's beloved cat.

29080_1401663353969_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Don't you dare ask me to touch any cat except garfield! Or else, it will end up dead.

Then we were actually playing around with our little aunt who staying with granny. :)
Did some cam-whoring but she never let us to take picture with her. :(
The last time I took picture with her was during Chinese New Year.
Anyway, glad to see her and spent time with her! :D

29080_1401663233966_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I whacked my bro after this shot. LOL!
He's so bad! Say want hug but then pose with that kind of look! Hmph!
29080_1401663193965_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Like this more nice! :D

Granny love gardening. You can actually see lotsa plants at there and more at the back of the house.
She actually make it like a mini garden. :)
I love it.

29080_1401670434146_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

29080_1401665554024_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
I love cactus! Why? It just simply because its easy to take care compare to other plants. :p
29080_1401665674027_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
Oh! This one? I forgot what's the name for this plant but I took it home too!
Damn easy to take care of. :)
29080_1401665634026_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Myself with mom and bro gilbert.
Mom just woke up from short nap with sis Haylie at there. haha!
Well well... I really enjoyed my day at there chit-chatting with granny and aunt and uncle.

Lots more pictures on that day yet too many to upload so all of it will be just in my facebook. :)
Oh! By the way, I'd received red pocket money frm granny! :p

29080_1401662433946_1003879649_1218.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Granny, sis Haylie and I.
Look at Haylie smiling there after woke up from her nap. Haha

I am hoping that we can celebrate this coming Mommy Day together with granny!

[P/S: This post is nothing to do with my attire at all! Lol. Merryn, I am SINGLE and AVAILABLE just for YOU! hahahahaaha!]




  1. Wehh.... what Korean song you use for the blog? Can tell me? So nice... LOL...

    Aiya... the cat so cute... i like!

  2. Why u like to eat maggie mee? So unhealthy! Haha!!

  3. Sis Haylie is soooo cute!! Gilbet is quite plump right? Hehe cute also!

  4. OIC. You hardly eat maggie mee at home. No wonder you love eating it! Your parents dun allow right? Good for you! : )

  5. ughhh...maggie mee i eat till vomit...tried before 2 weeks in a row and every day maggie mee....2 months once? not very long also...=___=

  6. You are single and available just for Merryn? Since when Merryn turned into lesbian????

  7. What! You cannot touch cats or they end up dead? So scary!! Cat killer!!

  8. Wah! Got angpow money from granny! Why got angpow?Not CNY also!

    Everytime go visit granny got angpow one?

  9. adui.. i langsung no chance for FC!

  10. foongpc: LOL! U beat SK tonight. haha. :D

    She's cute leh. :p Gilbert is FAT!!!
    Yea la cannot eat la. wat to do. :(

    Lol! no la, only when she need me. according to her, i can make her drunk ma. :p wakakaka! sotz!

  11. foongpc: oh! FYI, not just cat, dog too. :p unless it is poodle. haha!

  12. Cleffairy: This song ah?? How Did We Get by Lee Hyori ft Dae Sung. NICE leh! :p i DONT LIKE the cat!

  13. Eric Lee: TWO WEEKS IN A ROW?! u crazy ah eat like dat?! lol. for me sure long lar. can imagine in the house only me cannot eat it while the other siblings can?! urgh~

  14. foongpc: ROFLMAO! each time go there sure get one de lar. mwahaha! the older you are, the bigger amount u get. wakakaka! :p

  15. awwww.... definitely a lovely day to get together with e family.

  16. Caroline then I wanna visit ur grandma coz I'm THAT old! sure get big big angpow! :P

  17. @foongpc - she's no lesbian neither am i :P she's an animal lover though she doesn't like cat.. she might like other animals though.. wink! wink! :P see how she's slowly turning into a night owl?

  18. Merryn: lol tot u in wonderland dy ler. :p

    walao. i am used to stay late wat since my college time! sometimes dint sleep at all during exam time!

  19. dblchin: yup yup! :D

    Thnx for dropping by. :)

  20. Merryn: walao if u say Ethan can lar! U married liao wor! haiyorrr!! next year CNY i go visit u to get angpow from u! :p

  21. lol :-) ur brother expression is funny~

  22. What? Just go and visit granny...and she gives red packet? Mother's should give her lor! After all, you are working already. Hmmm...grannies are like that - her own children, all cannot...and when it comes to cucu-cicik, all can! Spoil them rotten! :(

  23. suituapui:haha yeap! no problem! :D Psst, u saying urself oso ah???? haha! whr got spoil! :p

  24. Suddenly I missed my grandma too. :( I hope you can celebrate Mother's day with granny.

  25. Hey caroline, you are really one of the rare few friends that i know of that who loves Monday,,, very unconventional, hahahah.

    god bless and take care now

  26. could you imagine that SK is not yet commenting in this post but he's the top commenter already hahaha.. i really salute him he's a certified commenter haha

  27. wow you really have a very hectic schedule huh..

  28. i am a grandmother's boy haha.. i grew up with my granny (no wonder why i love old music) hahaha...

  29. but after i got my work.. i have no choice but to stay with my auntie so i left her in my parent's house... it's been 4 months now since i last saw her...

  30. wow your sis is cute.. how old is she... my lil bro is 6 haha

  31. why are you jealous with their dimples? my cousin told me that we all have dimples.. and all it takes is practice to make it more visible haha i don't know if it's a joke or not but i tried it.....but no improvement so far LOL.. does it mean i have to practice harder or it's not true at all LOL

  32. oh good thing your granny can still do some stuff like gardening because my granny is not strong enough anymore to do such things like that.... her hobby is to play solitaire haha

  33. Happy mother's day to your granny and your mom....

  34. oh man.. i thought your post is about the hanging plants that you're holding on your previous post haha

  35. oh my i think i spam too much... sorry for that ^_^

  36. hmmm, why you write your blog so late at night?? you are not allowed to do that..

  37. first, you need to go to bed early, so that you get enough sleep for work the next day..

  38. secondly, if you update so late, i've already gone to bed.. so i cannot be the FC already!! @_@

  39. yeah, i agree with you, what's more enjoying to have a nice nap in the late morning on a sunday right?? hehe~~ :p

  40. wow, so many rivals here!! see how much bluedreamer has spammed, no wonder he is always your top commenter..

  41. hmmmm, i wonder how many people are there in your family?? cos you mentioned all bro and sis went out, only left dad,mom,me,sis flo,bro gilbert and sis Haylie.. still got a lot of people in the house woh~~

  42. hehehe, cute gilbert and haylie.. see haylie is drooling there!! must be you showing her the cakes and buns bought for your granny, hahaha~~ :p

  43. hmmm, forget about all your work!! it's sunday, so enjoy your break for the week.. put your work aside and enjoy~~ :)

  44. yeah, maggie mee!! i sometimes will suddenly crave for maggie mee, don't know why.. like the weekend, i went to supermarket, and i smell the promoter cooking maggie curry, OMG, so nice!! i was drooling on the spot, hahaha~~

  45. but have not been eating that for a long time already.. i remember got one time, i eat maggie curry everday for the whole week, haha!! crazy eh??

  46. so the whole day in your granny's house, you just camwhoring there?? ish~~ leaving your sis cooking maggie mee for you all alone in the kitchen..

  47. so, you gonna bring one of the plants back to your office and put that on your desk?? not a bad idea, can see something fresh and green..

  48. hmmm, so do i have a lot of comments this time?? did i beat bluedreamer already?? hehehehe~~

  49. hmmm, eat granny's maggie mee, and somemore wanna steal her plants back home.. and whatelse, still wanna ask her to give you red packet!! OMG, your granny really rugi a lot lor~~ :D

  50. Usually I only eat instant noodle when I am away from home.

  51. I know I am a bad spammer, but I am going to try

  52. When I am at home, of course my mum's food is the best!!

  53. Instant noodle give me the feel of 'Home' when I am away.

  54. I have dog at home, and now have rabbits

  55. but now he won't even let me touch his face. big liaw, kepak also hard, can fly

  56. so late, still can get angpow???

  57. I used to like to cubit my youngest bro face

  58. Ehh I thought you would take a picture of your maggi mee.. haha.. suddenly I crave for maggi mee dy, because of you... :(((

  59. eugene: LOL! weird huh? hehe but i really love Monday a lot. ALWAYS DO! GBU too. :)

  60. Tekkaus: hehe.. :) yea i wish i can celebrate it with her too! :)

  61. bluedreamer27:haha.. he can comment a lot, beat him then! :p well i only will be busy during this time, its lke the start of new month. those accounts need to balanced up. :(

    thats nice actually, i only can go over stay with her during school breaks last time. was fun! :D My sis going to be 1 yr old this coming July. :))

    Well actually i do have it but not dat obvious as theirs. dats y am jealous. lol! my both sisters' dimples very obvious!

    yea am glad that she's still stay strong and healthy! :) her mom actually just passed away last year. so can u imagine how old is her??

    Thanks yea for the wish and i wish ur granny n mom Happy Mother's Day too! :D

    lol! nothing to do with the plant at all, well maybe a bit just like 1% of whole post? haha! :D

    Nevermind as i can do it on ur blog too! :p

  62. [SK]: LOL! actually i blog at 9 plus but picture editing took lots time. :) haha im kinda used to it dy. :p

    haha! u treating them as ur rivals?? lol. yea since start working life, s hard to get nap. :p hmm well u missed my post about my siblings, theres another 3 brothers in the house. :P wei i gave her eat egg tart lor dat time. haha.

    maggie nice! even i crave for it oso cannot eat lor. sobs. u nice la still can go buy n eat it. haha. gosh everyday?! dats crazy! lol.

    mwahaha not just camwhoring lar! chit-chatting and playing around. haha. wei she offered herself wat. :p wei! i whr got steal her plants! :p she give oso ma. haha. got lots wor. i shud visit u nest year for angpow! :p

    no la, my desk in office got bonzai dy. lol. i put it in my room at home. :) go green! thats y my eye sght still clear n not wearing spect. :p haha.

  63. Ghosty Nana: lol! try beat them. :) i never eat instant noodle even am away from home. mum will always call n start leturing what to eat n what to do. :<

    Mum's cook always the best!! hehe! I hate dog cz get bitten b4, i hate cat as my hamster once eaten by cat. :<

    urgh! my bro just too fat now, so dint bother to play with him nemore. haha. lol yea my granny used to give each of us angpow whenever we go thr. :))

  64. iamthewitch: haha actually i have the picture of the maggie mee but dint upload it, :p haha. go get maggie cup! ;)

  65. wow.. nice day with family members.. :D..

  66. @ SK
    haha.. master your here!! No i am not spamming here ... no!...and i am not denying... No! am i spamming you caroline? hahaha

  67. I dont think i can beat Sk Caroline haha

    oh one years old.. so young... so my bro is 5 years ahead..

  68. haha so it;s not the plant at all... hahaha i am not a lucky guesser... i am such a loser LOL

  69. Shirleen: hehe yup! i enjoyed! :)

    Oh thnx for dropping by! :D

  70. bluedreamer27: haha yea u're not spamming, u're COMMENTING at here. :p sure u can! haha! u're still on the top leh! :D