Totally Unworthy.

Period + Flu = Sleep early
Well for the very first time, I am glad that my aunt visit me early this month. :p
By next week, she will leave me. =D

Okay back to the topic.
Hmmm... Yesterday after work, am supposed to go home and enjoy my nap. It's raining that time, perfect time for my nap aye! :p
However, Jessica asked us to accompany her to DiGi centre for her boyfie's sim card problem. So then we said okay.

Let me tell you guys how's actually the situation was...
Last Tuesday, Jessica just registered for DiGi postpaid and get herself the main line while the boyfie took the supplementary line. 
For you info, the boyfie working at KL there. 
This is means she use courier service to post the simcard to her boyfie the next day. 

Things getting worse when she checked her boyfie's bill transactions everyday.
 She found out a lots of numbers appeared on the bill and it's very obvious that the boyfie contacted certain number quite often. 
She getting upset and mad, she even make a call to those numbers and worse when the person who answer the call were all girls. 
She had quarreled with the boyfie everyday after she checked the bill transactions details. 

Yesterday, her boyfie did not call or text her for almost the entire day and she then called him and just found out that there's something wrong with the sim card according to her boyfie. 
When she comes to me and telling me the whole thing, I just answered her that her boyfie is cheating. 
(I know am kinda bad for saying so but it's impossible when he told her that he still can use it in the morning and after noon time cannot already. "Check your sim" <-- Is there such command? ) 
He can bluff her but not me. *lol*

Alright, back to the story again. 
She asked us to accompany her to go cyber cafĂ© to surf internet as she wanted to check the bills transaction details again. 
Guess what she found out?? 
The boyfie made a long call to one number and it's during afternoon time. 
Jessica took out her phone and start calling the number and as usual - a girl answered it. 
I didn't know how was it going on as I went to buy some food that time. 
According to another colleague, he told me Jessica yelled and scolded the girl as the girl scolded her first. *omg* 

When we were inside the car on the way to home, she called that girl and her boyfie. 
She called and talked to them with those fouls language included. *scary* 
You know, she turned on loudspeaker mode and both my colleague and I can listen the entire conversation of them. 
I was really surprised with the boyfie when the boyfie cursed her and called her as "slut". *sigh* 

This is not the first time he did that to her. 
For me, it's not worth for loving such guy. 
She cried so badly in the car and seriously I did not feel any sympathy on her. 
Want to know why? 
Because she herself too having "extra" boyfies at here and she is actually enjoyed going out till late night with them.
 She told us before that she kinda fell in love with other guy and talking those craps to us.

I know that's what we called as reality but sorry to say this, I don't respect anyone who do that to their partner. :) 
Another thing, now she should know how I felt for what she did to me in the past few months. 
You did that on me, and now other girls doing that on you. 
How u feel? Not good right? 
Am just lucky that I did not really into that bloody guy. =D 
So, it seems like your situation is worse than me. 

You kept on telling us that you going to leave your boyfie since last year, but you never take any move.
 Stop telling people craps then!
Ask yourself, he had already broke you up for twice and you're the one who still chasing over him.
You kept on telling me that sex can hold him, but actually it's not.
He ever did it to many girls when he is in relationship with you and you're not the only one. 
Stop fooling yourself and take the right move.

[ P/S: I will never respect or fancy any guy who curse and use foul language when talking to her partner. Though I never experienced it before, but yesterday just surprised me a lot! ]




  1. I've a bad cough. Can't get to sleep at night... Take care, you get well soon!!!

  2. yikes...all girls??? tsk tsk tsk...

  3. Yup, the fact that there are lots of numbers registered in his phone and shows that he tried to contact them very often, without the Jessica's knowledge is already a sign of cheating or dishonesty
    (hahaha i am reading it by paragraph so i dont get loss ^_^)

  4. i agree with that... if the guy keep showing a sign of disrespect... well the girl doesn't deserve him..

  5. if the guy always show a sign of disrespect, then the girl doesn't deserve someone like him

  6. yup, i think there's something wrong with the girl's part too!
    maybe, she keep showing to that guy how she really loves if no matter how many betrayals he did, this girl will still be there...
    The girl shows her weakness to that guy and the guy take advantage to it...
    i think the girl should start to realize that his boyfie is really not deserving and there are more other guys who are better than him

  7. hi caroline, i am tallying the votes now! cheers!

  8. suituapui: lol me start coughing dy. :( u too yea! thnx! =D

  9. bluedreamer27: morning milton!! =D lol y so happy?? :p

    well well she have already know her boyfie wanted to break up and she's d one who keep holding on there. :(

    yea there's no point to continue the relationship. :( she willing to sacrifice lotsa thing for that guy. and actually not worth it at all. :(

  10. Uh..i sense tense here. I mean being cheated by your man? uh...that's sad.

  11. Willie: lol this time not me. am single, so which men cheat me? haha but i was cheated once before this.:S

  12. talking about sim card, at around 12pm till nearly 1pm, my hp couldnt call out.. mine is maxis..
    about bf problem... er.. all i can say is i still prefer to be a single mother.. and that is why i m till today.. (*no one wants also la*) lol...

  13. Girls these days they are too naive I would say. They are too gullible. :/

  14. Your friend is too naive.. and I guess she's sort of having a taste of her own medicine now eh? Anyway, it's good that you know know what's right and wrong! :)

  15. happen to me ex cheated on me with another guy as is good that you don't feel any sympathy towards her as she too cheated on her bf...probably what ur friend had is some sort of a person that loves attention from guys...i dun think true love exists between her and her bf since both parties cheated...just tell her to break up only because very obvious the relationship won't work.

    and yeah,,,i hate cheaters...may be because my ex is one..LMAO finding a better one will be so much easier than holding on to someone who had betrays cannot guarantee such a thing will not happen again..ask ur fren to break up and reflect upon herself first and then try to recompose herself before finding another one..what u say is might strengthen a relationship but it can never ever hold a cheating partner...the main reason for cheating is lust which means sex is a part of obviously sex is not the answer already..

    ur friend probably don't want to lose him out of pride issues rather than love interest. same with my ex. she just do not want to lose although they might claim it is love and so on. if strong love existed between them, who would want to cheat on their partners right?

    P/S: u sounds like ur friend had cheated with ur ex before my assumption correct?

  16. tsk tsk tsk... both person also got problem...

  17. seriously speaking, when gf open a sub line for bf, is this a tactic to monitor the bf?

  18. hmmm, i'm a bit surprise, the boyfriend actually took the sub-line from the girlfriend.. this already smells not right..

  19. is this how the young people handle love nowadays??

  20. wow, how complicated.. too many people involved already!!

  21. well, you friend did the same thing on you.. wow!! and you are still friend with her.. you are just a saint girl.. :)

  22. and yeah, obviously they both are not serious to each other.. fooling around behind each other's back..

  23. well, i really do not know in details how the relationship goes, but by reading your post, i think this is just something hilarious..

  24. you know?? like kids playing around.. you easily hook to the others, and then you just say "i don't want good with you already".. that's the end..

  25. the good thing is that, you are lucky to have get yourself hands clean in this entanglement and no longer involved within.. :)

  26. just 1 word for ur fren.
    karma can back fire u back when u did something bad. the same thing will happen to u.

    P/S:the "Karma" i say here is not "KarmaSutera" lol

  27. Oh, both sides cheating each other? How nice! As they say, all things that go around, come around.

  28. reanaclaire: is it? but we digi user no prob one. we even asked at the digi centre thr dy. :) and me too prefer to be single now! (no one want me too) hahaha

  29. Tekkaus:uncle saying me ah?! hmph hmph! lol! i think its depends. :) like me, i wont let myself get hurt for second time. :)

  30. Eric Lee: sorry to hear dat from u. :) but now seems u are happy wit urself now. hehe.

    well to me, u cheated me once, then no more 2nd time. not worth ord. she said if broke up, she dunno how to accept herself and duno how to face with her family. up to her actually now. she's one still wanna hold on thr. :S

    Ur assumption totally correct!

  31. Isley Chang~:lol actually not d matter of subline. as long as u got d pwd to login then u can see every single details of d bills. :)

  32. [SK]:dunno if this is how young ppl handle love. lol! but for sure am not like dat. :P

    hello! i have no choice as we're in the same office and she just siting in front of me.but for sure, i only talk to her bout work matter. not others.

    haha! yea for me love is not exist that way. :<

  33. foongpc: yup. dats y dnt ever try to do bad things or it will come back to urself. :)

  34. Garfield: okay i first dunno wats "KarmaSutera" is, n i googled it. wth! u diz ah!

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