Shopping SOLO not FUN at all!

[This is a scheduled post]

Guess you guys also know that this Saturday is the NIGHT! =P
Each time when there's a special function to attend,  I will be feeling excited but kinda headache at the same time! Grr..
I love shopping but dislike the process of finding suitable dress.
Well if you shopping, you're not bothered by what's the suitable for any function, it's just simply you love it and you decided to buy it.
But, when come to finding the most suitable dress for certain function, you're just going to get some headache.
I used to enjoy the fun of surveying and finding the most suitable dress with my bestie, but not for this time. :(
This time will be all by myself.

The last time I went shopping solo was last year after broke up. xD
But, obviously it doesn't work on me. :(
Okay we're not going to talk about it. *lol*

I went to one of the outlet named "yoyoki" and have a try on few dresses. 
Anyway, I only can say not much choices as almost all the design of dress is either I already have it or I don't fancy those type of dress.

DSC00460.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
I am kinda like it but the back part is so damn transparent which makes me feel not comfortable to wear it.
It's kinda tight some more. :/

Seriously, when nobody going with you, you can only ask yourself if it is suitable or not.
I don't really trust what's those salesgirl's comment as they are just going to say " nice nice". =.=

DSC00461.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
This one very comfy to wear!
The silver color at the neck there is kinda heavy.

You know, I don't like when those salesgirls pick approximately 6-7 dresses and asked me to try on each of it. 
They just simply pick according to which they think its nice or sexy.
So, I've decided to go to the POSE boutique which I've already been their member. 
The reason is just simply that they know what suit me and they pick fine dresses for you to try on it.
Overall, service and quality guaranteed! xD

DSC00464.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Okay, it's in black color.
I love the quality of the dress. <3

DSC00467.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Another black color.
The design just look kinda similar with one of my dresses at home.

There's few others but gosh it's too sexy. :S

Then I proceed with my another favorite outlet - TheModHouse.
I love to go there as they are all very friendly and they remembered me! =p

Anyway, I did not expect I can get a suitable dress at here as most of the apparels at here are all more to formal classy and elegant wear. :)
They picked three apparels for me to try on.

DSC00468.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I love this one but its too tight for me.
Look nice but when I start to walk. *gosh*

DSC00473.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I would want to buy this for office wear. :p

DSC00472.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ahah! I like this one too. :)

Seriously, its really not fun when you just go by yourself.
Nobody talking with you and that's makes you feel tired of walking very easily!
Hate it!

So, the last boutique that I went was Maylana.
Most of their apparels is special ordered from New York, so you can see those dresses with the brand on it. :)

DSC00477.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I am totally heart this one.
What a simple yet elegant dress!
It's just arrived and it's the only ONE.

DSC00479.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I am loving this one too. <3
It's look cute with the tube design and the bottom design of the dress is sooooo soft!

Do not be surprised to see most of it is white color. *lol*
Am just loving white color so much.
Don't worry as there's different color of dresses in my wardrobe.
I've picked one dress amongst the above.
Who can guess which one?

Hint: Price = MYR138.00

I am nearly broke after shopping for full set of accessories and heels and bags to match with the dress I've picked. *gosh*
But, its WORTH IT! XD


  1. i love the first dress!! you look good in white :P

  2. the white one with the belt is nice for office wear and the first one is great for night time..
    so what did u choose? the last one? :)

  3. wow, so happy go shopping huh?? :p

  4. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I have been reading your blog but only now I leave a comment.;) Hey, me too, a Sabahan from Sandakan. You look lovely in all those dresses!:)

  5. I like the third dress from the last. It fits u well.

  6. I'm guessing the white one, 3rd picture from the bottom! :P

  7. I was wondering .. the two pics that you happily posed, who took the pics for you? lol.. u have both hands free there?!

    u r lucky lah caroline.. all dresses look good on you.. :D (those dresses oso are lucky to have you, as you made them look good! :P)

  8. yeah, sometimes by shopping alone you cannot decide, because there's nobody giving you sincere comments..

  9. so what's saturday night actually?? hahaha, i don't know at all.. :p

  10. the salesgirls would most probably say everything looks nice, and want you to buy all.. hahaha!!

  11. i actually think black color goes well with you, the white is too white especially with your blond hair..

  12. i would pick the 1st dress from POSE.. but i guess you'd have bought something else~~ :p

  13. actually since you've taken so many photos inside the fitting room by yourself.. you might as well so the photos to your good friend, and ask her to help you choose??

  14. You know, girls used to take ages in clothing shops... Now with the invention of a phone cam... It takes eternity. Hahaha!

  15. Hi caroline, you look great in all the dresses but I really like the ones with the big belt.

    You're gonna be the main topic of conversation at the function.

    - Cheers -