Short Moment with BFF.

Yesterday was the last day of work and yes it's HOLIDAY TIME now! =D
Back to work on next Wednesday. :)

Bestie Annie text me and told me that she's going back her hometown - Tawau - on Friday (today) and asked  me if want to have last gathering or outing yesterday.
So, we've decided to hang out after my work off.

For the very first time my boss left office at 5pm sharp yesterday, his wifey and baby Lucas waiting at airport there and they going to KL.
That's the reason WHY we were given EXTRA holidays. :p

After "bye-bye" and "hugging" session with colleagues, I left office and headed to bestie's place to fetch them up. 
After that, we then headed to Centre Point. :)

We reached there and we decided to go for movie after so long didn't watch movie together. :3
Both them actually scared me by telling me that WE ARE GOING TO WATCH THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. 
I was speechless and my heart start beating fast, myself start imagining how's the movie look like along the way we went up to the cinema at 8th floor.
I even prayed hard for they going to change their mind in the lift. 

* Alleluia to the Lord *
I quickly looked at the cinema board and it's wrong timing for the Nightmare on Elm Street. =D
Both them was queuing already that time, and guess what?
They told me the movie that we are actually going to watch is Prince of Persia!
They just scared me and yea I am still the last time Caroline!
This is not funny, darls. *hmph*

Great movie. =)
The same heroin as in the Clash of the Titans. <3
The story line also very nice with certain funny part. :p
We're going to watch it in 3D when Annie back to KK again. :)

Recently, I'm less appetite to eat and ate porridge a lot for this entire week. :S
They said Japanese food will be perfect choice to me. :)
Three of us love Japanese food. =D

So, we headed to Sushi King at Warisan Square. 

DSC00044.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Pictures moment. :)


Am going to miss her a lot again after this.
She's the eldest amongst us and understand both us well. *sobs*

She told me she's going to give me an offer.
Wondering what offer is that?
Sex Practical Master for FREE!
My goodness. =0
But, no thanks darl. 


Vic too offering me a so-called GOOD DEAL.
Want to know what's the deal?
Sex Theory Master for FREE!
Again, No Thanks darl.

We enjoy our time chit-chatting and sushis time while waiting for our orders. :)







After finished eating, thats the time for us to say "bubye" . :(
Sent them home.
This time really just a short moments with them as we used to hang out together for quite long hours.

It is always great to have them around and cherish all their cares and loves.
Bestie Annie asked me not to go KL in June as she will still be in Sabah and only back to KL in July.
I am still thinking.
I've already arranged everything and now... hmm

It's Wesak Day today.
This year I didn't follow dad to temple.

lotus.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Happy Wesak Day! =D


Happy Holiday! =D


  1. I always looked forward to May month when I was still in Sabah. A very long holiday indeed! Enjoy your long holidays!

  2. Oh? You're Buddhist? Thought you're a Catholic...Many Sabahans are, and what with a name like Caroline... Anyway, Happy Wesak Day to you and your family, blessings of peace and harmony throughout the year.

  3. hehe yea for harvest festival. :) thnx n u too! =D

  4. no no, am not buddhist. i've converted to christian catholic when am 15. :) just dat i used to go temple with my dad every chinese festival. hehe. thx so much. =D

  5. eh~ Nightmare is scaring child's movie la. now days horror movie is sucks.

  6. hehe. gonna watch PoP later~

  7. hehe thnx isley! =D

    NO NO.. I dare not to watch those type of movies one, if not sure cannot sleep at night. :( u like to watch horror movie de ah??

    hehe go go watch it! really NICE! =D

  8. Oh luckily your friends just tricked you to watch Nightmare. I would be scared of the movie too! *Gasp*

  9. haha yea. both them love those kind of movies one, dats y i dint expect dey just trick me. lol! but if really end up watching that one, i know i will end up hiding in the sweater. :S

  10. Hahaha :D so you were tricked to watch the movie? Good what!

  11. Acquaintances are everywhere; friends are many but true friends are too few. You're blessed to have friends who are always with you through happy times and bad times.

    Happy Wesak Day to you (and everyone else here).
    May you be well and happy always :-)

  12. uncle so bad laughing thr! hmph! whr got gud like that?? its a scary movie lor! cannot sleep lor at night.

  13. wow, so nice!! you have such a long holiday.. 1,2,3,4,5.. wah, total of 5 days of extra holidays leh, i also want~~

  14. wow, Prince of Persia!! i am going to watch maybe on Sunday, tomorrow going to watch Robin Hood first.. hmmm, Nightmare on Elm Street, is it nice?? i'm not planning to watch lor..

  15. today is wesak day, but still i have to go for training, so today no holiday for me also!! *sob sob*

  16. training??? wat training?? lol. i tot u go temple one? hehe

  17. yeah, looks like you had a very nice and enjoyable time with your BFFs, and certainly lots of camwhoring sessions, hahahaha!! well, girls just wanna have fun right?? :p

  18. lol! dnt count saturday and sunday! =p

  19. eih?? how come got Thai word 0 นาที ที่แล้ว next to my first comment up there one?? hahahaha, so funny..

  20. i will never ever watch those titles with scary words. haha. must watch prince of persia! really nice!! =D

  21. but Sushi King ah?? hmmm, i long time never been to Sushi King already.. because i think they are doing worse now, the food not nice already..

  22. Yea had a very nce time with them. :) camwhoring?? only 3 pictures ler.. last time us a lot one. less due to am not in d mood of camwhore. lol!

  23. i normally not going thr for japanese food one, but Vic love thr, so we go thr lor. i prefer Japanese Dream food. :) how come doing worse? lol i dunno anything bout it. :p

  24. tak der sushi pics oso! :P must show raw salmon mah :) or at least that octopus :P

    how? ur plan? tell us lah if any changes ok? happy weekend-ing :D

  25. LOL! my bestie too hungry and dont allow me take pic and summre we were busy chit chatting dat time. =D dey dnt eat raw salmon one. :/ i have to stop eating seafood now ler. :(

    talking bout plan, i've already arranged everthing n when bestie told me dat, i oso dunno now. will update with u n witch. :)

  26. you make used of your time, not like me..when i get holiday i will just sleep all the time! gosh!...haha

  27. Did you play the Price of Persia games? I like the original one which I played years and years ago... very good game.

  28. Prince of Persia... haven't got time to watch ler... heard the special effects are really awesome!

  29. Go for Sex Theory Master first before Sex Practical Master! Hohohoh

  30. Sushi King... miss them, haven't tried any Japanese food for a long time, need to have a Japanese food fix soon!

  31. lol! yea its really nice to watch! :) hehe enjoy ur japanese food when u eat it! =D

    Lol! i didnt play the game ler. but now want to try to play it. hehe.

    haha i failed the theory part ler. my master oso give up on me. hahaha~!