Three things... *grrr*

Holidays started and guess what??
I think I've spent my two days holidays to sleep! 
My sleeping time more than my wake up time. *lol*
Should blame the weather as well! The weather being so nice to me. haha! =P

Actually I did something "productive" but result - FAILED.
Please do not laugh at me, at least I've tried.
I baked!
I know everyone know how to do it, so nothing to be proud of, but for me, its DIFFERENT! =p
I've tried to bake a banana cake but it turned into STONE CAKE
 Don't ask me why because I also don't know why. haha!
Someone asked my sister its for human eat or for dog eat.
My sister told him dog also don't eat!
( she didn't even give face to her own sister aye! )

When Merryn know about it, she also ..... ( LOL )
Foongpc do not know about it and asked me to bring it when I go KL.
But after Merryn told him its more to stone than a cake, guess how's his react?

Okay enough with that one. 

I did some online shopping.
My secondary schoolmate just started her own online shop. 
She asked me take a look at it and hopefully there is something suit me and I can buy it to support her. :) 
Well, there are a few tops that I love and placed my order as well.

But I am kinda down when she told me the order out of stock already and asked me choose others or they can return my money.
I then decided to choose another and actually chatting with a friend that time.
He's being so nice to offer his help in helping me to choose.
I was surprised when he show me this one.

Seriously, I get so pissed off!
 This one is for SAILORMOON la kay!

Okay. Last one.
You guys also know that I don't like people giving me any nickname right?
This guy named Eric Lee Huang Shi given me the name " CABBIT "
Carrot + Rabbit = CABBIT!
And he said he's going to buy me a Sailormoon stick for me to whack him, nice or not?

Hopefully I can spend my holidays wisely rather than just sleep! :p


  1. ur fren selling sailormoon's costume?! O.O""""""""""

  2. Don't worry! I dunno how to bake also...but I'm thinking of giving it a try one of these days. My missus makes really nice cakes...but she's so lazy. Waiting for her to be "in the mood" to make one is like waiting for the cake to drop down from Heaven! Tsk! Tsk!!!

  3. lol! thats my 2nd attempt dy. my 1st attempt was slightly better. :p
    omg so cham ah? have to wait her to be in the mood??! lol!! nevermind still can wait de! =)

  4. hahaha, really that bad?? you should have taken photo of your dog-also-don't-want-to-eatstone cake and show us.. :p

  5. wah, spent your holidays sleeping ah?? what a waste.. should go hangout with friends and really enjoy mah.. anyway, since you got 5 days, first 2 days sleep and relax, remaining 3 days must do something already.. hehe!!

  6. oooopss, why did your friend choose that sailormoon outfit for you?? haha.. maybe he thinks you are cute mah.. you just go and try it, then take a photo to show him.. this will sure stunned him already, hahaha!! :D

  7. hahahaha!! CABBIT!! what a creative nickname, so that mean you are a rabbit that likes to eat carrot?? kekeke.. ooopsss, a CABBIT in Sailormoon outfit :p just kidding~~ :)

  8. hey~ u coming to kl next month right? i wanna see u! Even it is 5 minuet.

  9. this 1 is not sailormoon costume lah,
    is sailor venus

  10. boleh cbe lagi next time nak bakar cake tu...
    tpi mmg kesian la kena kutuk kan...

    and pic kat bawah tu mmg 4 sale btul2 ke???
    sape la nak pakai???
    sailormoon tu...

  11. eh....i know the cake can do what? use as bench to sit!!!! if not then bring to kl and let me place under my com table...i can use it to put my legs...AWESOME!!!!!! XD

    cabbit in sailorvenus outfit? LOLMAO WTFBBQSAUCEWITHCHEESE

  12. lol! no la, but my other fren d one recommend dat costume to me! xD

  13. hahaha! can can but do appointment 1st cz am only going to be thr for 3 days. :p

  14. hah! watever! sailor this n dat! hmph!

  15. LOL!!! yea wasted 2 days dy. :S haha but today went out hang out with bestie and siblings just now. hehe.

    am not rabbit ba!! hmph!! and i dnt like to eat carrot one!! dat eric so bad!!

    u will never ever gonna see me in dat suit for sure!!

  16. practice makes perfect.. keep on baking and it will be 10//10 one day.. :p

  17. Don't worry, the 1st few times I baked cakes, my brothers also commented that my creation was actually like stone, throw at the dogs and the dogs also would get killed one by my cakes... lagi teruk! Hahaha..

  18. sure. when u goin to land at KLIA?

  19. not KLIA but LCCT! hahahahaha! when u wanna meet me?? =p

  20. Sailormoon, do they still produce anymore of these series?