Thats it and Am Done.

People, I had this enough already.

I am sorry to say that I really wanted to withdraw myself the so-called Blog Idol contest.
I am really tired of get "attacked" by people I don't know for every starting of each song category.
Worst that now people not playing it fairly, it just getting nastier and I don't want to keep myself in nasty and dirty game like this.
I am not joining it to get fame.
So, that's it.
Some of you may say am being over sensitive over this issue, but you do not know me well.
Some of you may just gonna say me coward, but I think I have to concern myself more and especially my health. It is not worth it for me to continue this nasty game if people just aimed me. 
What people want is just their favorite idol to win and with my withdrawal, its easier already.
So, you guys can celebrate it now for your favorite idol.
Totally unfair situation and it is very obvious.

I also know that nobody would care because most of you just going to say am just a little girl who don't know what I am saying and don't need to take seriously for what I am saying.

I now myself very well, really thanks to foongpc, Merryn and uncle Tekkaus for all those people come to my read my blog.
Thanks a bunch.

I guess you all also know that Merryn and I are quite close to each other. 
What she told me last night is so true.
All these doesn't worth it and am not deserve to be treated this way.
Poor me.
Glad that she also told me to withdraw myself before its getting nastier.
She's very clear with what had happened since the started of this nasty game.
Ignorance is the best yet people just don't stop there.

But again...
I realized this blogging world is way too much for me already.
Am glad for people who love me and my blog. 
Am glad to get to know with all amazing people like you all.
I meant it. :)

I am so mean to kept on blog about my anger and craps.
You guys have to bear with it. *lol*
I enjoy giving people pressie to show my appreciation to them. 

Today is bro Gilbert's 10th birthday, I really wish to celebrate with him but seems like I can't make it due to more important thing I have to do.

After this, I hope for those who dislike me, please respect my blog and leave here. :)
For my blogger friends who not agree with what I am saying here, I don't mind if you stop visiting my blog because my purpose to blog is not because of all these nonsense crap.
I am not saying crap at here and I am just voice out my opinion towards this kind of situation.

Lastly, I am really sorry to Bluedreamer.
I know I am supposed to talk to you first about my withdrawal but I didn't see you online and I can't take it no more.
This is totally unfair to me and for me this contest is not just a simple contest where people joining for fun.
I am not blaming you and this is beyond your control.
I am not joining it to get attacked by certain idol's fans and get humiliate by people I don't know at there.
I am not that tough to face it every week.


  1. the essence of blogging to me is to share our experinces, and we pray that this can be at any time touch someone's life, it really does not matter what are think of us, really. so dont worry keep blogging,

    the world is made of funny and sick people, but we love them all, we respect their opinions, so be it ya.

    my support to you always, and to me my blogger friends (the bona-fide ones) are all my fav,( i dont call them idols) cos my idol is only one, (Jesus it is)

    chill ya, and god bless, continue blogging, and i shall be back

  2. blog idol contest become so mean and nasty? :-(

  3. Caroline, i also dont know anything much about blog idol... let me run over now to have a look..

  4. People will respect your choice. It is your life anyway.
    Don't know why some people can be so evil over small competition.

  5. I guess now days people are so selfish. do anything to accomplish it.

    Caroline. be strong and continue to blogging~

  6. No matter what you do, I'll always support your decision! :)

  7. oh... i am so sorry for this contest for giving you so much trouble my friend..
    don't worry.. i respect your decision and will formally announce it in my blog (the blog idol page)
    i never expect that this contest will give so much trouble to me and to all the participants

  8. All i want is just to give fun and that's all.. it is not about fame, not about the money or prize... just fun...
    And i don't know why a lot of people taking this very seriously...just like the person who keep sending you that emails
    I am not a famous blogger too so how come i can make someone famous right?
    so sorry again caroline from the bottom of my heart

  9. In my 3 years of blogging, my blog serve us the platform of different bloggers ... I tried my best promoting them because that is how i appreciate blogs,,,
    i hope after all these things... we still be friend and visiting each other blogs...
    beside it is nothing to do with both of us ....Right?

  10. let's both look forward to the better side

  11. Peoples, thanks so much for encouragements and am really appreciate it very much.

    bluedreamer27, u're wrong. not only u and me and all particpants, ITS JUST ME AND U. :) Worst, is me myself only. so thats it from me. By that time, dey will celebrate for their joy. so let them be.

  12. blog idol contest? malaysia version one? dun strong...dun stop bcos of small nasty comments...they r envy and dunwan u to win nia...

  13. Hi Caroline.

    In the virtual world, anything goes. Blog idol, Blog contest, Best Blog awards etc. etc. Let them be. You continue blogging the way you like and have been doing; don't fall prey into unscrupulous online schemes that appear to be harmless or fun, but is not. You may just end up being upset. I'm sure you wanna be happy :)

    - Cheers -

  14. Aiyor...why are those people so bad? Maybe they're jealous cos they see you're so beautiful and you're getting all the votes. I thought the whole thing is just for fun... So sad to hear that it has turned out to be like this. Btw, Happy Birthday to your brother, Gilbert!

  15. Let's just take this as an experience and put it behind as your past. Don't think too much about the negativity that happened and... let's move on.

    What Blog Idol? It's gone, done, forgotten.. See? :D


  16. All I can say is that such things do happen. :( Just hope that these people will know what they have done is bad.

  17. Its beyond my wildest dream a fun contest could turned so ugly. So sorry to see you withdrawing thought things are getting better after the first round. Be strong move on no matter what. Take care..

  18. Hi Caroline, I am really sorry u had to endure this unnecessary totally tedious nonsense with what was such a great contest to begin with. Frankly, I was thinking along the same lines as you, I too do not need this mess bringing me down, but after talking it over with some good buddies, I've decided to stay and see this through the end, if for no other reason than simply to honour my entry to Bluedreamer.

    Don't feel bad abt the stupid commenters, I too have been attacked at my blog more than once and sometimes I feel like giving up, but I have not thrown in the towel yet. Do not let ur attackers bring you down, it is your blog, ur contest, ur entry, ur say... all the best to u sweetie and cheer up! :):):)

  19. if you enjoy what you are doing, then that's your life, nothing to do with all those criticism right??

  20. those who likes to backstab others are in a lower level than us.. why bother to dirty yourself?? :)

  21. you are the FC Queen highly on the top ok?? hahahaha :D

  22. why need to get emotional for all these comments that's just not worth a cent??

  23. yea, agreed with kelvin, don bother with them... they just don understand you

  24. *sigh* Actually, I couldn't be bothered with all this. :( Sometimes, what thing that we thought might be fun can be such a lethal thing, Carol, cuz not everyone is like you. Just wanna have fun. Some people are just bitches and bastard who loves attention and enjoy being in the limelight. Famewhore. I may sound extreme, but such contest sometimes is not just for fun... people want traffics to their blog so that they could earn from ads. I would say no more, cuz not all competition is a fun and friendly ones. Most, more often than not are sham. On both organizer and the participants part. You have been in there, and I know you know that this is true as well. I'm glad you've wizened up and took the right step by protecting your dignity this way. Why subject yourself to unnecessary stress like this? Plus...alot people out there are just so fake an insincere. :D Life is more than that. Some things, are just not worth our regards. This, is probably just one of it. *hugs*

  25. Oh I am late as usual!! Haha!

    If you've decided to quit Blog Idol, then so be it! Although that's what some people will want.

    However, I would advise you to be strong and not to be easily shaken by rude and scheming people out to run you down for their own evil purpose. We all know what will eventually happen to these people cos every action and thoughts will create a reaction and consequences.

    I have since learnt that people can say what they want and I hardly have the time to care cos as long as I know what I do is right, then what others say have no effect on me.

    Since we do not know who exactly is the person who send you angry emails and who blasted you in Bluedreamer's blog, I would advise you to be extra careful with who you befriend with online. Not everyone can be trusted.

  26. @foongpc,
    Thx for concern about Carol.
    For the moment, she are not allowed to online until her health condition is in better stage. But I will transmit your msg to her.

    Thx for the concern.