The Sabahan Blogshop Flea Market

I got to know about this event - The Sabahan Blogshop Flea Market -  from one of Merryn's blogger friend. :)
Well gotta thanks her for blog about this one.

Last night, I've already decided to go there (Jesselton Point) to have a look how is it going to be. :)
And actually just now don't feel like going there as it was raining heavily and I rather go home and enjoy my nap on my comfy bed. :p
Luckily the rain stopped at 5pm, and yea its my off work time! 
No more rain, I then decided to go there since there will be no traffic jammed during weekend. :)

DSC00408.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
There were three banners hanging at the entrance.
Am quite disappointed actually as most of the stalls closed early due to the bad weather.
I only saw approximately six stalls left. 

I found a stall which selling some cute accessories!
They are really cute! 
I just can't help myself to get some for myself and sisters. :)

These are some hair accessories. <3
DSC00400.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

DSC00401.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Purple belt with huge ribbon on it! <3
DSC00398.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Some other accessories...
DSC00392.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

DSC00397.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Oh! They are selling cupcakes and cakes too!

DSC00393.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

They are all look so cute! xD
DSC00395.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Carrot Cheese cake. =)
DSC00396.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

There are actually chocolate cakes too. 

Well I bought some cupcakes and chocolate cakes. =)
And get myself a blue tube top! =)
Love it!

They are all so friendly and look so sweet. 
Hot chicks some more! ;p
Here some pictures I took with those hot chix! 

DSC00402.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Sweetie. :)

DSC00403.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Hottie! :p

DSC00404.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Lovely. <3

DSC00405.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Sexy shawty! =D

DSC00406.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Us -

I did not spent long time at there as it seems like going to rain again.
Its quite windy at there well its near to the sea. 
My hair became such a total mess and very much thanks to the evil wind! Lol! 

DSC00414.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Me! Can't wait to eat this chocolate cake.
*yum yum*

I am looking forward for the next Sabahan Blogshop Flea Market this end of month! :)
Hope the weather of that day is good and I can be there earlier.




  1. adoi.. am i first? kan-cheong to the max nih!

  2. tak per lah.. 1st or not 1st.. i go read ur entry now :D

  3. Eh, the red phone booth macam kat London pulaks :D

  4. itu u panggil shawty.. wait till u see me.. u'll post 'hobbit'!

  5. Merryn: lol! FC! eihh.. how come ask foong back off?? i tot SK leh. haha! :D

    HAIYOR... at this time d most potential FC is u only lor. no others, so need gan jeong thr!

    haha! not call her shawty, then call her wat?? ;p

  6. Merryn: lmao! dint notice that phone booth ler. haha! u wanna go london thr is it?? hahaha

  7. Ishh Merryn took my FC!! :P Anyway, you and your friends all looked lovely! Did you get any of those cute bracelet for me? LOL

  8. i guess maybe she's waiting by her PC, and keep refreshing your blog for new post.. then immediately she chop to become FC.. hehehe :p

  9. ok lor, since she said she fren fren with me and want me to give her chance to become FC.. ok lor~~ :D

  10. haiyoh!! this merryn is so desperate to become your FC already i guess.. :p

  11. so this flea market is run by the bloggers?? because i saw the word "blog" in there..

  12. i'm only interested in those cute little cupcakes!! haha, guess you can see why from my size~~ :D

  13. cannot see the carrot cake in the photo!! you should have remove the plastic lid before you take the photo shot..

  14. ummmm, not interested at those hair band hair clips, or whatever you call them, at all.. hehehe!! so you bought a lot of them??

  15. so who are those hot chix?? your friends?? or people working at the flea market??

  16. hmmmm, i've not really been to a flea market before.. but i know you could spend up to the whole day there, and you'll most probably able to dig out some treasure..

  17. i love cakes, whatever kind of cakes actually!! and now you are making me hungry by looking at your cupcakes photos~~ :(

  18. haha Merryn, Foong and SK competing for FC hahaha... oh my there's still no chop for me huhuhu

  19. oh so it's a girly market huh??? my sis would love to be here...

  20. good thing there are cakes! haha at least i have something to buy when i'm there.

  21. oh i have tried carrot cake already but it taste nothing really different to other breads... just color orange

  22. love the cup cakes but i noticed that one of the design is a rabit which is almost the same with the "white rabbit playboy logo" LOL

  23. wow... it reminds me of the spice girls haha what yah think?

  24. have a great day and happy blogging caroline

  25. Open air kah? Looks like an interesting place to go to... And so many hawt chicks!!! Sure I wanna go! LOL!!!

  26. iamthewitch: haha tu la u dint reply my tweet. :/ hehe. dey r not my friends. haha they are the one who seeling those stuffs. :) aiya dint buy any bracelets owh.

  27. [SK]: haha yea lor. till dat gan jeong summore. haha she ever did it! haha!

    lol so ncie dy ah u?? :p later she bcum my top FC again wor. haha!

    Am not so sure bout it ler. talked to them and dey actually ask me if i know itt from facebook. lol! i bought few stuffs ny la. haha. but of course the foods is included! xD

    U not fat ah.. y leh?? lol! yea those are cute! xD LOL! am not buying it, wat for i open it leh? i dnt like carrot cake! haha.

    they r not my frens, working thr one. lol. the next flea market, i hope i can be thr earlier! :p

  28. bluedreamer27: lol! try ur luck then! :p

    no.. its not girly market lar! haha theres lots to buy thr but the time i reached thr, not much left ord. :<

    well i dnt fancy carrot cake either. haha u noticed it too?? i actually asked them bout it. n dey laughed! haha

    lol! spice girls?? lol! i dnt think so. :p

  29. I also wonder why is it call blogshop.

  30. Bloggers in Sabah are very active

  31. breeze also hv FB if u wan to know whenever they hv party.

  32. My Sabah friend invited me to join blogger's party few times before, but I can't go because I don't go to Sabah

  33. I think sabahan bloggers are connected by Breeze Mag. Breeze often organized parties and many bloggers join, and they even invited famous photography bloggers

  34. I just wanna be a commenter...I don't wanna be an FC. LOL :D

  35. You really like to shop huh May. :p

  36. Tekkaus: uncle! hehe. :) me ah? ok ok lor. dnt worry am not shopaholic yet. :p

  37. Ghosty Nana: lol i dnt hv any idea y is t called blogshop. :)

    oh is it? i never heard bout breeze mag yet, will check it out. hehe. thnx for d info yea. :)

    wow blogger's party? sounds cool. :) nemind u sure will have the chance. :)

  38. @bluedreamer27: haha, i think foong is no longer competing, or shall i say, not actively competing.. maybe only Merry and myself.. hahaha!!

  39. @Caroline: hmmm, i thot Merry was the top FC last month?? so i cannot underestimate her.. at least not until i confirm i'm the top FC for the month right?? OMG, this month still got more than half to go..