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I Finally Found My Love...

Sunday, June 06, 2010
If you guys think what I meant at here is a person?

Still remember I blogged about I ate Rojak Buah at here?
I saw few comments left by some of you saying that the real Rojak Buah is actually yummy, I then decided to search for it at another place. 

   Thursday was the second day work for me this week and kinda bad day for me.
My tummy upset after ate the brekkie bought by Jessica.
Boss then allowed me to work halfday and am happy that I've finished up my accounts job on that morning as well! All accounts balanced! =D

I left office at 12noon and went for lunch before I get home.
Try guess which one is mine??

DSC00156.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
- Black Pepper chicken + Potatoes + Broccoli -

DSC00158.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Lemon chicken + Japanese tofu -


- Black Pepper chicken + Sweet and Sour pork + Japanese tofu -

Guess what? After finished lunch, I saw there a stall selling Rojak Buah!
Its just opened not for long.
So, I've decided to take a look, woot woot leng zai d one who going to make it. xD
Joking but he's quite good looking okay. *lol*

Back to the topic.
I just want to try the Rojak Buah and he told me it is slightly different from the one I ate at Palm Square.
So, I bought one.


Okay, the fruits is slightly different from the one I ate before, which is better and varieties. :)

  DSC00164.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

It turned out to be like this which is actually look better than the one I ate previously. *lol*
I love this one!
Taste much better and I love it!
The chinese crullers inside it so crunchy!!
Finally I found my love!

After this, am definitely will going back there whenever I craving for Rojak Buah! =p
32 comments on "I Finally Found My Love..."
  1. You sure it's the rojak and not the dude dat made it? :P Maybe kena jampi dy :D

  2. aiya.....penang got nice ones....kl also got....=P

  3. I don't like rojak. Because it tastes so different. Later it will rojak my tummy. :p

  4. but weii, your stomach not well, still eat those what-rice what-rice and rojak??

  5. that rojak actually looks mor yummy than all your what-rice what-rice above lor, hahahaha~~ :p

  6. hmmm, how come that rojak is with tomato and bell pepper one?? so strange~~ anyway, got cucumber inside, i don't like rojak with cucumber, not match, hahaha :D

  7. I like both passembor and rojak buah
    anything that can i and taste nice, i like to eat also

  8. if it is nice to eat, worth to sacrifice

  9. @Carol,
    glad that you have found it and love it

  10. from wat i see, the tomtato and bell pepper is just there for decoration only.
    see also know is plastic 1

    in the plate, these 2 things is not inside also

  11. lol! uncle, me too not really like rojak one, but this one taste better. yumyum! =p

  12. lol! the rojak buah la! d leng zai made it as bonus only. =p

  13. haha! yes! it more yummy then my lunch! =p i dint finish up my rice thr actually that day. :p well the cucumber quite crunchy oso, not bad la. hehehe :)

  14. Yea dat one for deco only. lol! if that 2 things included, am not going to eat it for sure! hahaha!

  15. i love rojak.. esp penang gurney drive one!

  16. Wah they have Chinese crullers in the rojak??? I love them!! Haven't found a rojak here that has Chinese crullers wor.. Buy for me next time!! :P

  17. Ouuuu.... my mouth is watering. Rujak Rujak!!

  18. wanted to congrats u at first...aiseh...why fall in love with a food instead of a human...kekeke....tried many rojak buah in KL but not so nice ler....nothing special ...still finding a good one....

  19. so~ your new love is rojak? that's cute.

  20. oooo so many lol in this post. crushing with the rojak dude?????????????? hahaha

  21. lol! so sabahan style "rujak rujak"!! hahaha

  22. sure! will buy for u next time k? hehe

  23. i oso want to try penang one ler,, u all keep on saying dat one nice!

  24. HEHEHE yesh dats my new love. mwaahahah

  25. hahaha thnx! lol cz food not harm, but human will break ur heart one. :p

  26. WEI WEI ur crab nicer n yummier! =p

  27. mwahahahah!!! can or not first? :p next time i try tk his picture n post! xD


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