My Birthday Pre-Celebration at Tao

After the 1st meet up on 4th Nov night, we proceed with the plan #DeepaCaroMagic .
#DeepaCaroMagic = Deepavali + Carol's pre-celebration + Magic show from Adrian.
But Adrian didn't perform any magic on that day, he did it on the last day!
Stay tuned for that! :D

The venue that agreed by everyone  - Tao 

Boyfie & I , Grey , Erika

We arrived there and camwhoring while waiting for others to come.
Adrian & Eric

I don't have any idea why this two dudes posing this way!

The time we entered, we saw Quachee was enjoying his sashimi, and we all actually waiting for him!! *grr*

So, everyone was there except for Panda Foong!

Carol , Eric & Kelvin

We took quite a long time to eat as everyone like busy snapping photo of the foods!
Those dudes just have to bear with Erika & I!
But later on, we all just giving up to snap every single picture of the dishes!

Scallops , the yummiest one!

We thought of wanna list down the name for it so that we can blog about it, but ended up tooooo many dishes coming to us! *LOL*

My favorite!

"Chocolate Starfish" - Quachee, Adrian said so.
Very crunchy! :p

Fresh Oyster !

Adrian & Grey 's Favorite!

Peppermint Ice Cream for me!

Boyfie get me my favorite ice cream!
Thanks love! 

See how many interesting way to eat handroll & oyster!
Gotta learn from them!

Here our most pro teacher in da house! 
She is showing her cheeky naughty way to choose which handroll!

Kelvin & Grey enjoy eating the most I guess.
They sit at the corner and you know we kept on passing those foods to them!


Carol & Quachee
He is very tall and see how muscular (or fat? ) he is! :p
Carol & Eric

So, you can see here, am LOOK tall but still Eric is TALLER than me!
Ethan, Merryn & Carol

Oh well, did I mentioned the first time I talked to Ethan, he replied me!!
Foong and Eric told me that Ethan very actsy, luckily he talked to me!

Adrian, Kelvin, Carol, Quachee & Erika

We took quite lotsa pictures at Tao and it's impossible for me to upload here one by one!

Eric & Carol at Full House.

Quachee & Erika

We all know that Erika is really a big admirer to Quachee!!
Join us! And you can hear this from her - I want take picture with Quachee!! :p

Us aka Lovebird! :p

Loving this picture very much!!
Thanks darlings for the awesome lunch! :D

Hard to say goodbye to Merryn on that day.
She couldn't join us on that night at Rootz Bar.

See, although she "bullied" me a lot at Tao, I know she SAYANG me a lot!!
She passed me the little cute angel that Ethan made for me last time!
Very the cute one!


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  1. Chop! Me finally 1st! Muawhahaha! xP

  2. Dropping by ere Caroline. nice meal u have there @ Tao. =)

  3. @JLean heya! :D n u're FC2! i had great time n yummy foods thr! ;)

  4. ceh ceh ceh...that picture also i neva stand straight what...=3

  5. neva say why Ethan reply u also!! coz wifey bully ethan!! muahaha

  6. I curi one bite of the ice cream also u scold me wan... T3T

  7. @Eric Lee yea la!! hubby TALLLLLLLER!!

    mwahaha!! ehhh i only say his tummy big big wat! :p

  8. muahahahaha our picture the biggest at the top!! Me Likey

  9. *facepalm* that one not chocolate starfish la!! XD

  10. Aww....what a sweet couple you two sweet till the bees will surely mistaken the both of you for honey~ ;)

  11. Btw, QuaChee is not fat arr... Grrr... LOL! xP

  12. Wow! You really had lots of fun with the gang during your short stay in KL. :)

  13. hope to see more pictures a-coming! so jovial!

  14. hahaha, just when i finished wondering why there's only one post, here comes more!! :D

  15. haven't tried Tao's before but heard that the food are not bad.. i just went to another japanese buffet @ Tenji last week, nice also..

  16. where is that Fullhouse outlet?? the one near KLCC or PJ one?? you didn't take photo with their signature beetle?? :p

  17. ooopsss!!! i think you tke photo with your another lovebird enough la hor?? kekeke~~

  18. Carol, the little angel we modified the hair dy to suit your current hair :P

    It's a known fact dy... Erika is QC-fied :D

  19. i love fresh oysters too!!! hmmm what's Chocolate Starfish?? :D

  20. all look so i am hungry! :P

  21. @Eric Lee heee cz u only let me eat little ny! :( sure scold u for taking mine! mwhaaha

    like leh? :p ish! i noe la das not choc starfish!!

    miss that time too! :)

  22. @Eric Lee heee cz u only let me eat little ny! :( sure scold u for taking mine! mwhaaha

    like leh? :p ish! i noe la das not choc starfish!!

    miss that time too! :)

  23. @ErikaToh mwahaha!! we all agree dat QC is FAT! :p

  24. hey sweet caroline, advance happy birthday, then. LOL

  25. @[SK] haha! sure la! soo many pictures! :P Tenji was one of our options but everyone said Tao. :)

    Fullhouse at Sunway Giza. :D ,mwahah! clever! :p

  26. wow! i envy your get together! you surely had a lot of fun! and look at all those yummy-looking food!!!

  27. @Merryn haha yea no wonder when i saw it dat day, feel how come not curl dy one. :p thnx dear! :D

    yeaaaa TRUEEE!

  28. and look at your dear! so pretty and sexy! wooot! so in love! LOL

  29. @Monica hahaha!! i know! u can eat 20 of it right? :D

    err err. try google it. HEEE.i oso only know after Kelvin googled it to me.

  30. what a cute lovebirds. hahaha. stay in love, dear! ;)

  31. @_el@i_ yeeha! hey dear Elai! :D

    enjoyed the foods n the company as well! lotsa fun indeed! :D

    Auww thankie thankie!

  32. You meet Merryn! I only hear her voice.. lol

    Happy Birthday Sis! =)

  33. Nice outing at Tao!!! So much food you guys ate!! LOL! Did you gain any Kgs after returning to Sabah? :P

  34. LOL aiyoooo poor thing la Quachee muscular (or fat) it seems huhuhu! ;)

  35. All ur KL pics with boyfie lovey dovey he eh he! So now no more nervous edi, can happily meet up more often yeah? :D

  36. @Soh Hong Wei yea met her after soo long! eh? how come only hear voice? lol

    thnx bro!

  37. @iamthewitch haha damn full dy dat time! :D haha err dint check yet! mwahaha

  38. @Mariuca FAT!! mwahaha!! yeaa no more nervous!! LOL!!